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Thread: Board Topic: Your Gonzaga Basketball Xmas Wish List

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    Default Board Topic: Your Gonzaga Basketball Xmas Wish List

    Here's a good topic for today:

    Pick 7 things you would like to see happen between today and the end of the regular season. The Zags now have their full roster, and while Bouldin is ailing quite a bit, and Gray/Heytvelt need more time to get into the flow of things, it's kind of an opportunity to look forward.

    Be realistic here. Pick things that could really happen if certain players modified this or that, if the staff made a slight change with this or that, etc. Avoid obvious things like wishing for the Zags to win the rest of their regular season games. Get specific.

    Also, avoid commenting on anyone's list in this thread. Act as if you are the only person posting and that the thread is being closed after you make your post. This is a brainstorming thread....we want as many ideas put on the table as possible.

    Go to it...........

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    1. We need defined roles for players; we've never had this much talent on the court;
    2. Win;
    3. Win;
    4. Win;
    5. Win;
    6. Win; and
    7. Oh, stay out of trouble!

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    1) With Josh's return, half court offense begins to flow.

    2) We start to win the battle of the boards and stop giving up second and third chance points.

    3) We beat Memphis. Not by a little, but a thorough pounding and show of dominance.

    4) We take at least two of three from St. Mary's, the lone loss prefferably coming during the regular season.

    5) Defense continues to be tough, and gets even tougher as the season wears on.

    6) We run more 3-point plays within the offense for Michah and Stephen, and they start scoring points in bunches within the flow of an inside-out offense.

    7) Pendo hits the game winning shot against Tennesee, Memphis, or St. Mary's in the WCC tourney.

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    1) Quality PT for Gray
    2) Continued inspired play by Pargo
    3) 18 ppg and 12 rpg by Josh
    4) Effective plays designed for Daye and Micah
    5) Better rebounding
    6) No more injuries!
    7) Vast improvement by Sacre
    8) Offensive cohesiveness
    9) Optimum use of assets

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    1. Micah Downs to be more assertive/scorer.

    2. No more pounding it inside if its to a player that doesn't have the ability to do much there. There is to much of a risk of a turnover passing to Kuso and Sacre on the inside, especially when its obvious that we are trying to force it to that spot. When it does successfully get in there the chances that they kick it out to an open shooter or score are not high enough to warrant the risk.

    3. More active guard play. What I mean by this is more driving and kicking. At about the 17 minute mark in the second half after a failed play inside and the ball went back out, Pargo took the ball, and just felt differently. He instantly attacked by driving it towards the middle from the top of the key. Bouldin rotated over to the top of the key after his man slid down to help with Pargo. Jeremy kicked it to Bouldin who spotted up wonderfully and drained a three. Nothing complex, but it works wonderful.

    4. Pargo gets some well deserved rest during conference play. During games when we are up big lets see make sure Pargo/JH play as much together to build that chemistry on the court. When Pargo is resting lets see if that same can be developed between Gray/Daye.

    5. Have LG work on his jumper. He can get to the rim and finish as we saw yesterday, but he would be a huge asset if he was somewhat of a threat to knock down a jumper.

    6. Work on closing out on jump shooters. The defense is excellent when people are trying to penetrate, but we could still work on preventing flying past three point shooters and not able to recover after a pump fake. Get this down and our perimeter defense will match our interior.

    7. No more injuries! We need everyone practicing so that this team an gel in time to make this postseason a special one.

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    1. Pargo develops into a consistent free throw shooter. 54% is not good, expecially for a guy who could get numerous trips to the line on his drives to the basket.

    2. The same Kuso to show up for each game (the good one, of course). The other night against Northern Colorado he had two fouls in about 80 seconds to start the game and was basically a non-factor. Last night, despite fouling out, he backed down from no one, was very physical and made some decent plays.

    3. Sacre needs to keep the ball off the floor when under the basket. I know he is a work in progress but basic post play for a guy his size is keep the ball up.

    4. Find enough minutes for Foster. He is a huge physical presence under the basket and just by being there he alters shots. I think he needs the minutes to improve but I don't know where he will find them. A redshirt year would be good thing for Will.

    5. I know I'm echoing others here but the injury bug needs to go away. Seems more guys are have more things going on than any time in the relatively recent past. This long break before Tennessee will help, but I believe some of the current problems (re. Bouldin) originated in practice. It would be great to see everyone healthy and see the various rotations as a result of that.

    6. I'd love to see Pendo go off for 30 point some night. He deserves it!

    7. I would like to never again see an empty seat at the MAC. Every game is a sellout, but I have rarely if ever seen every seat full. If you aren't going to be there, make sure someone gets your ticket. I have people ask me all the time about tickets. I'm sure every ticket holder knows lots of people who would love to go if you can't make it.

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    Primarily trying to locate an effective offense:

    1. Design plays that make Downs, Gray and Josh the primary scorer option

    2. Design game or period-ending plays that do NOT involve Pargo as the primary scorer - make him distribute the ball with at least 10 sec to go.

    3. Downs to attack rim more frequently

    4. Sacre and Foster to improve their free throw percentage

    5. Daye to shoot 2's not 3's

    6. Sacre to play tougher and meaner

    Oh and also

    7. Teach perimeter defense to not collapse

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    Default Mine

    1. No more major injuries, and may the injured guys that GU has right now recover quickly.

    2. Beat Tennessee, Utah and UGA. GU can’t afford anymore non-league losses right now, and they shouldn’t lose to these 3 teams. GU is more talented than Utah and UGA, and they have a major size advantage against Tennessee if they can keep the turnovers to a minimum. All three games will have GU friendly crowds too.

    3. For the staff to adjust to the way opponents are guarding Austin Daye. Create several plays for him that do not require him to put the ball on the floor and make his lack of strength a weakness that can be exploited. He can score in so many ways - pick the ways where he is most effective (catch & shoot) at this point in his career and stick with it.

    4. For the team to improve it’s overall free throw %.

    5. For Pargo to get his free throw % up to at least 74%.

    6. Set up more structured plays to create open perimeter looks for Pendo, Gray and Downs. In fact, set up more structured offense period and less ISOs.

    7. For the staff to not lose sight of Steven Gray’s importance to this team. The Zags need his contribution, even if he is a freshman who has been out of the lineup until recently.

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    1. That the Zags go 25 and 5 (or 26 and 5)..can't remember how many games we play.

    2. That we win our conference.

    3. That we win our conference tournament.

    4. That we make it to the Sweet 16.

    5. No more major injuries. (This should be #1 I think).

    6. That Few sets a rotation by Conference Play and sticks to it.

    7. That Pargo gets the POY award in the WCC and Makes it on the All American list of others. Honorable mention.
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    1. No more injuries. This team has been like an 8-dog sled with two dogs missing. Now all 8 are hooked up and running but a couple are still limping a bit and out of shape. I want all 8 dogs to be in full Iditerod shape by Memphis.

    2. More set plays, and if they don't materialize, break it off and create instead of waiting till a desperation shot is needed to beat the shot clock.

    3. Develop a killer instinct, eg, get a 6 point lead and hunger for a 12 point lead, then desire a 20 point lead, etc., wanting to make a statement and demoralize the opposition.

    4. Put two halves together of high-energy, good solid efforts on BOTH ends of the court, ie, limit foes to 38% shooting while shooting 50+% and owning the boards.

    5. Play smarter, tougher and with a take-no-prisoners attitude. Period.

    6. For Daye, Micah, Gray and Josh to join Matt, Pargo and Pendo in stepping up big in big games in hostile places.

    7. To reel off 20 or so wins in a row, beginning now.
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    1. No more injuries and every player gives the effort that Pargo gave against Oklahoma.
    2. "
    3. "
    4. "
    5. "
    6. "
    7. "
    "The Tipping Point - How little things can make a big difference" Malcom Gladwell

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    1 - Thou Shalt Have Fun. I want this team to enjoy playing with each other. It normally shows during a win, but I want to see it throughout every game. Enjoy these precious years, fellas.

    2 - Thou Shalt Have Confidence In Thy Team Mate. The play that came to mind last night was when Ammo passed out of a double-team to P-Mac, who quietly buried the eventual game winning three. (Of course, I also thought of Ammo's bank shot to win the BiS). That pass took a different type of fearlessness than just being self-confident.

    3 - Thou Shalt Use Free Throws As A Weapon. This is not just simply about raising the overall team average, but rather getting to the line in the first place. It was not uncommon for Zag teams of the not so distant past to go to the line 30+ times a game. Rediscover the charity stripe.

    4 - And After The Sixth Minute, He Rested. Get Pargo 6-10 minutes a game on the bench. And not because of foul troubles. Not only will he receive a well-deserved break, but also will be able to receive communiques from Few. This will also buy some more PT for the other guards.

    5 - Thou Shalt Bore Thy Trainer. Sorry, Jennifer. I don't want to see you have to break out the gauze, the tape, or latex gloves again this year. Nothing more than eye drops or an itty bitty band-aid.

    6 - Thou Shalt Be Patient. Right about now, I suspect that there are some frustrated Zags, very much relieved to have a break (hopefully surrounded by family, or at least many loyal friends). Take a deep breath, sleep in late for a couple of days. Recharge those batteries. There is work yet to be done, and everything will work out just fine.

    7 - Thou Shalt Gain Perspective. Recharge those mental batteries as well. This schedule is one of the reasons you chose Gonzaga. Now enjoy your break and see #1.
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    1. Mark Few to put major emphasis on passing skills. I'm talking fundamentals. No more lazy passes please.

    2. Remove any thoughts of posting up a big inside not named Daye or Heytvelt. If a guy doesn't help inside with the scoring, then perhaps he needs to work on offensive skills to get playing time. In the mean time, just quit passing the ball to them!

    3. Zags apparently have no desire to push the ball quickly any more. If that is the case, then it is critical that the players get 4-5 offensive set plays mastered ASAP. Meech must be rolling his eyes. He signed with the Zags specifically because of their up-tempo style.

    4. Every player on the team must now recognize that Josh is our best inside player and that he should always be option one on offense. Pass him the ball! Josh must realize that his contributions must come within 12 feet of the rim. If those 2 things happen, everything else will naturally fall into place. Plenty of scoring to go around.

    5. Austin Daye to cut his dribbling in half. I am ok with the number of shots, but quit allowing the speed guys to converge with that tall, slow dribble. Try turning and shooting a bit more instead of putting the ball on the floor. If you are too far away, then set up closer before receiving the that you don't have to dribble to get there.

    6. Show the team some 3 year old tape of Ammo and the gang. People without the ball need to keep moving on offense. Bouldin and Pendo do this well.

    7. Box out. Box out. Box out. For their size, the Zag bigs are just getting beat on the offensive glass.
    I miss Mike Hart

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    1. Sacre to develop into a beast on the boards and with help from Josh, Will, and Kuso to out rebound every team till the end of the season. 2.Vast improvement in post offensive production. 3.Josh to return to top form ala UNC last year.4. Daye and Gray to smoothly transition into the team offensive flow and develop into consistent scoring threats. 5. Defensive intensity all around with some shutdown performances against Memphis and Tennessee. 6. Downs, Pargo, and Pendo increase and maintain consistent scoring efforts. 7. Few and Ray G. to make the right calls in game changing situations.

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    1. Beat Tennesse

    2. Beat Memphis

    3. Beat St. Marys

    4. Beat St. Marys

    5. Beat St. Marys (if we are both there) in the WCC finals

    6. Get a good draw in the tournament

    7. Win a national championship.
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    Well CDC, you tried!

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    Default Things that will manifest beautifully

    1. Healthy players.

    2. The Return of the Good Josh (focused and breathing fire) and playing consistently.

    3. More offensive flow,i.e. more movement away from the ball, more involvement of other players, more inside-out execution, less "clear out, I'm going to make this happen" by some, etc.

    4. Season-long growth by the freshmen where they need it (Daye: more shooting opportunities off the offense and fewer bounce-bounce-shoot stuff; Sacre: continued improvement in his scoring options as well as better positioning against the talented and ahtletic bigs; Gray: aw hell, he looks pretty good to me).

    5. Pargo and Bouldin: Just slighter fewer TOs off the ever-so-occasional brain-fade passes that get picked.

    6. Better charity stripe performance.

    7. A "settling down" of the rotation (to better enable #3 above) as well as role development (the latter being necessary for players to understand what it is they're expected to bring to the party).

    8. I think I could go on. Why only 7 CDC?

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    1. For the Zags to stay healthy all year.

    2. Josh to get back to his double-double type numbers he put up at times last year.

    3. Beat Memphis

    4. Continue to recruit and get the top prospects.

    5. For the Zags to sweep St. Mary's

    6. Not lose another home game this year.

    7. The Zags to win the WCC and be seeded in the Omaha, NE I can go watch them..haha

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    Default Imho

    This is a great thread and I intentionally haven’t read the other posts so as to not be influenced.

    1’s and 2’s –
    Defense – great intensity – at-a-boys keep it up.
    Offensive -- I don’t want see any more turnovers on lazy passes. It’s better than last year, but still not good enough. LG should drive more, he’s shown that he can do it well and diversifies the offensive punch. If Pargo driving in the last 10 seconds of a half is a designed play, it should be eliminated since it didn’t work last year and it hasn’t worked this year. Pargo just has to get his FT % up some how some way. He’s 24% from 3 pt land. Don’t let him take that shot!!!

    3’s –
    Defense – great intensity – at-a-boys keep it up
    Offensive – Pendo is a great 3pt shooter. He needs just a second longer though to not be rushed so plays need to be designed to give him time to take shots. This will help other aspects of the offense. Daye is going to be great, no doubt about it, but for now he needs to play within the offense rather than create (more like the way Pendo and downs do).

    4’s and 5’s – (JH excepted)
    I want more passion, more “force of will.” I want them utterly embarrassed and depressed if a 1 2 or 3 leads the team in rebounding. They should look at game films watching Pendo, assigned an impossible task of playing a 4 throughout his career, tireless, undiscouraged by failure and trying even harder the next time down the court. There was a thread discussing form and fundamentals, but post play is rough, it’s hard. I submit attitude determination passion at this point will yield success, however success or failure is not the measure for what I’m talking about.
    Offense – I don’t ever want to see Sacre dribble in the paint again. I want these 5’s attacking hard and tough to the rim. Not sometimes always. They won’t always score, but they’ll draw fouls. Getting the other teams best “bigs” off the floor should be a goal unto itself.

    JH and Gray ability to mesh with the team will come naturally and with time. We may not have lost the last game if JH hadn’t played, but our post season aspirations require their incorporation into the team and no price is too much to pay.

    Team defense – it is a pleasure to watch our team defensive intensity and it should be continued.
    Team offense – I believe there could be more thought concerning shot selection. Periods of time go by when we always shoot three’s or drive or go into the post. I think a more scripted approach could be implemented e.g. 1st option 3 pt shot Downs, next time on offense, 1st option Bouldin posting down low. The idea being to balance the shot attempts between our quite considerable weapons with driving, post play, back door screens etc spaced more randomly. I realize the “take what the defense gives you” necessity but overall we could do a better job of making it more difficult to develop a successful defensive plan. I know I’m not explaining this well, but designing the shot attempts evenly between the talent thwarts defensive strategy. Since for all intent and purposes and by the numbers, we have three 3 3pt shooters Downs, Pendo and Bouldin (and soon Gray fingers crossed). The box scores on attempts should evenly reflect that. Daye is a tier behind by % and Pargo another tier below that.

    Many talk on this board of team chemistry. In the old days we called it teamwork. When we played Butler last year and I watched their teamwork I was envious. This was what I have always admired most of the Zag’s offense. We haven’t had it the last few years and I truly miss it and want it back.

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    1) Beat Memphis (Intense Defense for 40 minutes)
    2) Win at least 12 WCC games
    3) Josh announce he's staying for his senior season
    4) Andy Poling become an absolute beast and be considered as good a prospect as he once was
    5) Sign Jeff Taylor
    6) Upset someone in the NCAA tournament. Beat a team no one expects us to, like the old days.
    7) Team hit 9 3-pointers at a home game to get us wendy's, with the 9th coming from Andrew.

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    Default Holiday Wishes

    1) Beat Tennessee, it doesn't matter how
    2) Austin Daye gets some creatine in stocking, gains 30 lbs and starts showing up to big games
    3) Brock skips a grade and becomes a Zag next year
    4) Pargo dunks on Derrick Rose and we get a win
    5) Are team gels together right before March and we make serious noise in the dance, hopefully win it all.

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    1. Zags dictate every game w/ defense and an efficient up tempo offense
    2. Josh averages a double double
    3. Jeremy and Matt average at least 5 assists a piece in a drive and kick offense a la Villanova or Marquette
    4. A +10 rebounding margin
    5. 3 out of 4 Against Memphis, Utah, Georgia, and Tenn
    6. Merciless Samham heckling at the Kennel resulting in in his worst performance of the season
    7. A good old fashioned Zag tournament win against a big dog

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    1. Coaches, somehow, someway come up with better end-of-game stuff for Pargo & Co. to run. With the exception of the Stanford game, the Zags under Jeremy have not delivered at the end of the clock. It really needs to change.

    2. Bigs, play within yourselves and please stop double clutcing and bringing the ball down after the catch, thus negating any advantage you have in the paint. Catch the ball, dunk the ball.

    3. Micah, please start shooting more, but do away with that out-of-control one-handed runner that never seems to go in. A good jump shooter should shoot, not flail. You are a good, and potentially great jump shooter.

    4. Austin, look to score first and get fouled second; that is, stop body searching, because you don't have the muscle for it -- yet. But you do have the guts and finesse to score over people rather than trying to go through them.

    5. Josh, I've barely seen you play over the last 9 months, but my wish is that you watch that UNC game about 20 times and channel that passion in every game. You were an absolute beast, the best player on a floor covered in potential NBA players. And I know it wasn't a fluke.

    6. Matt, Matt, Matt, heal that ankle, use that size, creativity and vision of yours to drive opposing defenses crazy, and set your feet to get some lift on your jumper as you did against Virginia Tech, because you were unstoppable and can be so again.

    7. Zags -- my Zags -- play the kind of fast-paced yet deadly efficient hoops that has won over a legion of fans. Find a way to do it in every game, against every trash defense they throw at you. Let your defense create offense and press if you must, because you have the bodies to do it. No more playing at your opponents' pace - it doesn't suit you.
    “We’re not here as a %&#* courtesy!" - Coach Few

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    Adjust the flex offense to passing more often to find and/or create the open man. Instruct JH, Daye, Downs, Matt to stop trying to make their own plays, and to not take the long shots unless they are open. Pendo already plays this way.


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    Default i am going

    to the Georgia game woooooooo right behind the hoop on the floor wooooooo!!!!

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