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Thread: A Christmas gift for someone

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    Default A Christmas gift for someone

    Hi, Zagthunder here. First time poster, long time reader.

    I'm an alum and season ticketholder. I have one (1) seat available at K2 for the CS-Northridge game on December 8. It means you have to sit next to me, but I think it's a FANTASTIC seat and I'm a nice person.

    I want to give this opportunity to someone who hasn't ever been to, if you haven't and you're the first person to PM me (based on time stamp on PM), the ticket is yours--free of charge. You will have to meet me outside the Kennel about an hour before game time--I have to watch warm-ups.

    Any questions about who I am, you can verify my existence with Angelo Roncalli. He knows me.

    Go ZAGS!

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    bartruff1 Guest

    Default What a neat deal

    You are a very generous and thoughtful person....Merry Christmass to you and yours...

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    Welcome Zagthunder!!!
    Allow myself to introduce....myself...

    I am woohoo, aka WooPhotoEnhancementSpecialistHoo.

    I'm pretty much the coolest guy on this board when it comes to taking photos and analyzing photography configurations. I actually used to take pictures for the Louisiana Tribune back in the mid 80's. One of my best pieces of work was when I captured a few photos of a turtle pooping. That may not seem that cool, but if you think back on how often you have actually witnessed a turtle pooping, its a rarity, and to capture it on film, MAGNIFICENT. I've also taken some photos of posters on this board, but I'll have to admit I'm not that proud of those pictures...take for instance the time I took pictures of Zagpants, the camera that I use is one of the most expensive, high quality cameras you can ever buy, so it will really show great clarity and details. I took a photo of him looking over his shoulder, so most of the picture was from behind him. When I developed the picture, it was so clear that you could see this really dark skid-mark showing through his pants. We did not keep that photo... And then there is the time I had a photoshoot with Lothar, he was showing some of his current personal photo albums to give me examples of pictures he wanted. Turns out he grabbed the wrong photo album and we stumbled upon his collection of animal porn. I'll never look at a llama the same...Anyways, I can't tell you about my photo shoot with Rubaddub because of privacy laws....

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    Allow myself to introduce....myself...

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    Woo, I nearly spit out my coffee! Waaaay too early for turtle poo, skid marks and animal porn! Still, you keep, um, raising the bar on this artcraft of yours.

    Let's hope it doesn't scare thunder off.
    Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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    Default 2090 miles

    No, no scarin' Zagthunder...though I must admit the 2090 miles between me and St. Clair, MO is comforting.

    I'll just be careful not to have Woohoo take my photo...who knows what he might uncover.

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    Lothar is honored to be included in a woohoo style welcome.

    ...not sure how Lothar feels about the above info becoming public, but apparently that's the price one must pay for fame...
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