I know this greeting is reaching you just a tad late in your board inductionalization, but you have had a greeting given to you by Reno (Christmas gift). He won the ebay auction. So congrats! And Welcome!

But first, allow myself to introduce...myself...

I am woohoo, aka WooWebAnalystHoo.

I am pretty much the coolest guy on this board when it comes to computers and the internet. Matter of fact, I actually invented a water proof computer screen and keyboard for a member on this board named Reno. I'm still not sure why someone would need a water/liquid proof screen and keyboard...but hey, I don't ask questions, I just invent. I am actually really good at tracking down information on the internet too though. Back when I was in high school, I was suppost to write a 25 page thesis on Time Zones and other forms of conspiracy. So I hopped online to search around, and after about 4 hours of searching, I found some REALLY cool stuff...then I remembered I was suppost to be looking for time zone related things....oh well, I don't think failing that paper has affected me long term. But anyways, back to how cool I am with computers and everything. I haven't ALWAYS been a computer genious invention specialist extrordinaire. I have had many inventions fail over the years. Take for instance the time I tried to create a combination of a laptop and a frisbee...no deal on that one. Then the cross between a blow dryer and a desktop computer...I thought it was a good idea, but apparently ladies are pretty lazy and thought a 30 pound computer monitor was to heavy to hold above their head for 15 minutes...grow up ladies, you can't have EVERYTHING handed to you on a silver platter ya know. Speaking of wierd females, one female poster you might meet on this board is Zagnative. She said she lacks male recognisence, and requested I install a dominant male voice in her computer that gives positive feedback everytime she posts. I thought it was a little wierd, but hey, whatever floats your boat right? As wierd as Zagnative might sound, there are plenty of posters on this board that are even wierder. Take for example LongIslandZagFan. Last March he wanted a webcam installed UNDER his computer desk...??? I don't quite get that, I guess he is really short or something? Then there was the request by Rubaddub, he wanted a laptop that has a flashlight installed in the cd rom drive. I didn't get why until I actually delivered the unit, it is REALLY dark in his parent's basement... Oh, and last but not least, beware of that guy Reno I told you about earlier...yesterday I was searching on google for this thing we have on this forum called "The GUnit". (Its a player of the game type of deal). Anyways...I searched "GUnit" on google and found this personal website Reno started. It's at "www.GUnitInaG-string.com". I'll never look at Reno the same again...not only did he have some pictures of himself in a g-string that would make Jeffrey Dahmer cringe, but those poor animals...atleast the llama can still walk though...thats more than I can say for the sloth...

Anyways, I got WAY off topic. I just wanted to say WELCOME ABOARD Random!!!
"Allow myself to introduce...myself" WOOHOO