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    Player of the Week: Kyle Singler, Duke
    By Andy Katz

    Last week: 15.3 ppg, 6.3 rpg and 21-for-35 FG shooting (60 percent) in a 4-0 week

    Hey, why not another freshman? Few players this week were as critical to a tournament title as Kyle Singler was for the Blue Devils in the Maui Invitational. Singler did have a blip of a game against Illinois, fouling out and scoring only eight points in 25 minutes. But he poured in 21 points and grabbed 12 rebounds in 27 minutes in the first-round win over Princeton, and then he helped eke out a title-game win over Marquette with 25 points, seven boards and 8-for-8 free-throw shooting. The Blue Devils will cause problems for teams defensively that try to choose between defending Gerald Henderson or DeMarcus Nelson. But the mismatch comes when Singler is the primary forward. He can stroke it from 3-point range (3-for-5 against Marquette), and that will cause plenty of problems for a defense

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    I bet it's nice being a freshman, just starting out, and already getting all the calls. I will say though that I underestimated his skills both inside and out on offense, if that's what you wanted to hear. He has a very nice shot and good rebounding ability.

    On to a related topic...Duke has a great defensive philosophy--clog the lane with Singler, King, Zoubek, etc and watch as the whistle blows every time one of them falls over. Every team that plays Duke gets about 20 offensive fouls and puts them in the double bonus soon into the game, almost all the calls complete bs.

    Switching back and forth between the Duke Invitational in Maui and Texas A&M's game on the 21st, all i could do was laugh at the difference in officiating. One possession, Paulus gives the ball away in one of his myriad silly TO's and then on the fastbreak going the other way jumps in front of the streaking guard and completely what seems like it will result in a massive collision (in a perfect world this would result in an ejection). The guard actually manages to jerk to the left and go around him though...but of course Paulus falls down anyway and immediately receives the offensive foul whistle. Singler and King are already starting to get the hint I've seen.
    Go Zags!!! Just Foo'in around.

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