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Thread: Game Thread: Bellarmine 11.19.2021

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    On Stadium when it goes into stupid mode I found that if you click on the pause key then back the stream button back about a minute and restart it by hitting the play arrow it will resume and play through the dead spot just fine. Also at times I have hit pause and moved the stream button ahead a minute or so it will pick up and play again. You might miss a few seconds of the game but at least you can get the game back. It's better than nothing for us remote viewers that have cut the cord.

    Beyond that, what a nice game. Chet showed his moves on both D and O, Hunter gives a glimpse of his high flying athleticism, we shoot the 3 like we ought to and the bench looks pretty darn good. Nice game, especially on defense. Starting to gel.
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    Thought the bench did a nice job tonight.

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