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Thread: Ongoing 2021-2022 Lady Zag Development, Observation from games

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    Note saw National Anthem and about 6 Lady Zag players kneeling again. Even though looked they were wearing black T-shirts with their message on all Lady Zag players prior to the game.

    Lady Zags leading 51-14 at halftime over Pacific.

    Zags win 92-51. Bree showed her potential tonight 4-4 3 pointers. Passed another on up she should have taken. Congratulations to Esther scored 3 points, first points of the year.

    Liked how Cierra came out early and made some nice mid range jump shots she was moving quicker. Abby drained a couple of 3 pointers good job. I liked Eliza quicker release on her shot today.

    That being said Pacific all game gave us wide open shots. We were still sloppy with ball 20 turnovers. Maud think you play better with a pony tail, at first did not recognize you in 2nd half. Maud had a nice steal and dish to Anamarie underneath for a wide open layup but of course she missed it.

    I would have Anamarie practice layups for 30 minutes in practice everyday (so sad). Still concerned about our defense giving up wide open 3 point attempts all night long. If we come up against a good 3 point shooting team they are going to make us pay.

    Loved the redshirts on the Zag side lines having fun acting like they were giving CPR to a teammate after a couple of 3 pointers by a Truong (Barrel of Laughs).

    Great team win all 12 active players got good minutes. Looking forward to Saturday.

    Reoccuring errors that CLF or her assistants have not coached up a couple of players:
    I'm still confused when Bree was the point guard and both Truongs were on the bench why she leaves the top of the key and wonders off to one corner. As I said before when your the point guard you need to keep yourself accessible to the other players so they don't get trapped with the ball. I can't figure why CLF does not correct this with Bree, its bluntly obvious to me and today she could have corrected it by verbals. She wouldn't have one of the Troungs do this if they were the only Truong on the court mmmm. If CLF does not help Bree perhaps one of the Truong's Kayleigh or Kaylynne like a good leader can take Bree under their wing and coach her up in this area. Why is Stacy Clinesmith not doing this isn't she assistant in charge of the guards?

    Another repeat Error Makayla on a fast break with another Zag player Bree that was clearly open, but she refused to pass and got a charging call. Even the Pacific broadcaster said he did not understand why Mckayla did not pass to the open player when she was clearly covered and got called for charging. Watch the tape CLF with these two players and coach them up please or let a assistant do it if you don't have the time.

    Lastly is it a Ego thing not to wear a mask? Would have hoped that the leadership example of Tara Vandeveer wearing a mask at all the times both games we played them along with her 6 assistants would have rubbed off. But alas no CLF never wore a mask the whole game and assistant Jordan Green who had a mask was wearing it below his nose.
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    Well, ZAB, obviously you have an OPEN FORUM here. That said, is it necessary to consistently harangue forum readers with barrages of your lengthy, often ALL CAPS, BOLD!, opinions? For the most part, WE can support your unreserved assertions. But, have a little mercy, will you, and try to condense the volume? Most of us saw the same game you saw. Working for the AP, your wordy accounts wouldn't survive the first cut. Either you or your editor would soon be out of work & I wouldn't bet on you to keeping your job. Not to say you wouldn't be a roaring success on the editorial staff.

    Add: You can't actually believe that either the GU coaching staff or the players check in here regularly to monitor your particular, style of, um, constructive criticism, can you? Don't answer that.

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    As for the game itself; the team showed me something that I had not thought they had: Enough talent, when they execute, to compete w/BYU for the league title. So, that's exciting.

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    Glad to have you back in the Kennel Lady Zags, Welcome Back to Lady Zags fans able to make it today. Ok observations from todays game:

    Yvonne 15 points, 8 rebounds, 2 steals love your mid range jumper, don't leave it as a last resort. Always good defender down low. Going to need more of that mid range jumper against Portland.

    Melody 10 rebounds way to hit those boards, 2 steals, 4-5 free throws, including 2 in the clutch, always good defender down low. Melody your work has really paid off on the free throw line this year, outstanding improvement. Melody practice up for that mid range jumper to use next game.

    Cierra great hustle chasing down rebounds today 7 of them, 6-6 free throws and many in the clutch great job.

    Kayleigh 14 points, 6 assists great, but lets work on those free throws 3-6 today your better than that, and 5 turnovers.

    Kaylynne good job on free throws 6-6 many in the clutch.

    Eliza like your offense, but you need to work on defense in the post and getting more rebounds.

    We need to get Bree on the court more, she is a offensive weapon waiting to be released. She only played 3 minutes in 1st half today. If she got another 14 minutes today I believe she could have been Freshman of the week. The Zags need Bree's offense against Portland, we definitely could have used it today.

    Portland was missing their center last game we played them #30 Cochrane (6'6") who is averaging 7.9 rebounds, 8.3 points, and has 49 blocks in 12 games. Cochrane is back now so it will be much tougher sledding underneath the basket.

    Congrats on the win today Lady Zags

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    SPOKANE, Wash. – The Gonzaga women's basketball team's home game against Portland on Thursday, Jan. 20, has changed the tipoff time to 4 p.m.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZAGS ATTACK BASKET View Post
    SPOKANE, Wash. – The Gonzaga women's basketball team's home game against Portland on Thursday, Jan. 20, has changed the tipoff time to 4 p.m.
    Lady Zag game moved up so the Mbb team can play a rescheduled, televised game versus USF at 8:00 PM.


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    Always good to be in the Kennel for a victory. Zags 68-59 over Portland. Game was close until end of the game, until Portland was forced to foul.
    That being said felt lucky to leave the Kennel with a victory, it was definitely not our best effort.

    Kayleigh and Kaylynne looked at times they were goofing off on the playground throwing lazy wild passes that resulted in turnovers, each of them had 4 turnovers.

    CLF pulled another bonehead stunt before half time on one of the few times a Truong was not pressured in the backcourt she was screaming top of her lungs making all kinds of signs rubbing the top of her head, while a Truong slowly dribbled the basketball staring at her coach in the backcourt and getting called for a 10 second violation. Way to go CLF Portland never trapped us for a 10 second violation but you did.

    McKayla made baby steps on improvement tonight on a fast break she was covered with Melody wide open on the other side, you could see McKayla thinking and she passed the ball this time (Good), unfortunately she hesitated and threw a bad low pass that did not give Melody a chance to get the bucket. I saw 2 layups from McKayla a wide open one she made (Good), on a layup where a player came to cover her after being open she missed, however she was fouled. Mckayla made both free throws, was very impressed with her free throw shooting both clear swishes (Good).

    Yvonne practice those short and mid range jumpers you were off tonight.

    Ok on to a burr under the saddle, Bree only played 3 minutes end of 1st half for the 2nd game in a row. Which brings me to the topic of recruiting for the Lady Zags. I looked at the top 100 recruits per ESPN for 2022 WBB high school players. All 100 players are committed to colleges none to Gonzaga.

    I hope we don't lose Bree Salenbien to transfer next year. If things keep going the way they are it could happen. I mean how do you reward a player who scores 14 points off the bench for you, well if your CLF you play her 3 minutes each in the next 2 games ouch. Is it no wonder CLF could not even get a top 100 recruit this year?
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    Their was one sequence of events last game against SMC that caught me off guard. Anamarie had fouled their center Bamberger underneath the basket trying to go up for a shot. All the players got lined up for both teams on the foul line leaving a spot open for Anamarie, but she just wondered off out of the picture, saw the referee pointing at someone above the key out of the picture to take a spot at the free throw line. Anamarie reappeared in the picture and shuffled to her spot by the free throw line. Then well before the free throw was even attempted she stepped into the lane, and actually had the time to step back out of the lane which she did. Bamberger missed the free throw but because of the lane violation was given another shot and made it. What bothered me about this sequence was Anamarie reaction after the foul she walked away in a daze, and came back to the foul line in a daze. We have saw almost every player loose it at one point or another after getting a ball stole away or frustrated they missed a shot and fouled a opposing player in frustration. But this seemed different to me like Anamarie short circuited with no anger involved, frankly it kind of scared me.

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    I enjoyed the last half of the 3rd quarter my favorite part when they came to the sidelines and Eliza teammates were swarming her congratulating her and it continued when she had a seat them waiving towels at her like you were so hot out their you need to cool off (4-4 FG in a 5 minute span 10 points). Eliza just tried to shuck it off so cool, was so proud of her teammates for their support and reaction. Also love the antics of Calli Stokes and Payton Muma on the sidelines each game, today they were rowing etc on the sidelines (LOL).
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