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Thread: Great Holmgren article

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    Default Great Holmgren article

    Love this part:
    "What if Holmgren just doesn’t bulk up? What if this is the way his body is supposed to be, and adding weight would mess with his speed and make him more prone to injuries? Holmgren has emerged as a bewildering offensive force and spectacular rim protector not just in spite of his frame, but in many ways because of it. His agility is one of his greatest assets, and he routinely blocks players who thought they had open looks after pushing him around. What if he thrives by breaking the mold instead of conforming?"

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    "The Zags also play at one of the fastest tempos in the country, meaning Holmgren can work in transition instead of settling into half-court sets."

    No doubt that Holmgren will thrive in transition, but he's dangerous in the half-court as well. Coach Michaelson, when prompted about comparisons to KD, said that Chet was more comfortable banging in the paint.
    Some skinny guys are strong. Chet appears to be stronger than his frame would allow you to believe. I've never seen him gassed either.

    Good article, btw.

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    His size is one thing..
    His IQ another. This kid always has his head in the game..
    and he knows how to use his size. Weight or no has zero effect on somebody shooting over him or trying to block his shot. Good luck bodying him up....cause that "other" guy will make you pay.

    Hope the other team doesn't bring that "foul every play and call it good defense" stuff still going on....glad the game is in the kennel.

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