This is a really great preview of the squad for this season. Dana, as usually, gets great access to the coaches and players and gets a great take.

She really focuses on how this team is different from last year's and what that means to the coaching staff.

“Stop. We gotta do this right.’’ Brian Michaelson wasn’t angry as he halted things in the middle of an early-season practice. Maybe a little exasperated but definitely not angry. The Gonzaga assistant coach took a breath and then patiently, even quietly, explained the adjustment — “You have to be on the X,’’ in this case — he wanted his players to make.

A year ago, almost to the day to be precise, at another practice, things didn’t really stop. Drills ran smoothly and quickly, the offense running so efficiently in October that it came as little surprise when the Zags started the season and just kept on winning. But now they stop and adjust and redo. “Incredibly different, night and day different,’’ head coach Mark Few says. “Just way more teaching going on. Last year, we could tinker around with stuff, throw it out the day of practice, change it during practice and they’d be fine. This year, you feel like you’re behind. I don’t know that we are, but you just feel it.’’

For those that don't get The Athletic, I again do endorse it. I get great enjoyment from reading it, and not just for GU.