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Thread: Drew Timme the man the myth the.....

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    Default Drew Timme the man the myth the.....

    We are so lucky to have this young man on the team!!

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    right on with respect to outside shooting, and quicker lateral defense.
    his leadership as the most experienced starter on the team will be worth its weight in gold,
    and I am sure new players will accept his leadership and comments, both during games and in practice.
    its september, which I love cuz it means october (craziness in kennel) is next, then nov, play ball!
    Sept is like Dec 15 as a kid, xmas is only ten days (almost an eternity) away.
    Oct is like Dec 22 for me as a kid, I don't want to put my time in - I'd rather sleep till the 24th than go
    through the agony of nonstop anticipation.
    so glad its mid sept, LESS THAN TWO MONTHS till we are watching zag games on TV, whoop de do !!

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