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Thread: Gonzaga WBB 2022 Recruiting

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    Aside from Naya Ojukwu and Grace Vanslooten (who lists Gonzaga in her top three with UO and LSU), any intel on who else GU is pursuing in the 2022 class?

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    Thanks for the info zagswbbfan.

    Grace said she loves the NW and hates the midwest.

    Does this give the Zags and Ducks one up on LSU?

    Give Coach Fortier lots of credit here, she got shortlisted over Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA, Duke, UNC, Baylor, Michigan and Clemson among others. Not too bad Coach, now seal the deal and get this 5-star athlete to Spokane.


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    Quote Originally Posted by zagswbbfan View Post
    The above link is now broken. Anyone know if the visit occurred? How it went? And any news out there about Grace's decision-making? curious minds wanna know!
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