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That is actually how it works these days. Negligent driving. That’s not a sweetheart deal.
This. And nobody like us guys will be informed as it's a private matter. No point in going on and on and on ad nauseam. I've been saying this for the majority of this errant thread. Few might be a public figure but this is a private matter. 1 st time offender ( if this is an offense.....remember that the newsies rarely get a story correct), impeccable record, just a tick over the limit and likely a good explanation. SO he said he's sorry. etc. What was he supposed to say? "I did it and it's totally Bullcht" or something to stir 20 more pages in this thread?? Internally this is not something that going to put anyone out of business.

Basketball is the topic and 6 weeks or so before tip, we need to assess our chances for a title. Myself, I want an undefeated season but I doubt we'll get one looking at the schedule. But by March / April we will be world beaters and we get a title. Who's the biggest threat to us?