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    So this is a quiz of matching Numbers to players.

    Zag Dad you might want to wait about three weeks to respond to this to give some other Zag fans a chance.

    Ok the question is what are the uniform numbers assigned to the new Lady Zags this year? Don't panic this quiz comes with hints and plenty of time.

    First let me put some new Lady Zag names out their. Ester Little, Bree Salenbien, Calli Stokes, Payton Muma, and Maud Huijbens.

    Now let me throw a few numbers out their to let the games begin #2, #30, #33.

    We welcome both old Zag and young Zag fans to this quiz. While the older Zags have the time, the younger Zags have the world at their fingertips.

    Thought this would be a good opportunity for Lady Zag fans also to become better acquainted with their new players.

    Lets also see if anyone can guess the date for the Lady Zags FanFest this year inside the Kennel?

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    Stumped are you? Ok lets address one question guessing the date of Lady Zags Fan Fest? 13 Oct. 2018 Saturday and 12 Oct. 2019 Saturday was Lady Zag Fan Fest dates.

    Likely stipulation for attending Zag Fest is you must show proof of vaccination.

    That being said guessing Fan Fest for Lady Zags will occur 9 or 16 October on a Saturday of course.

    Were likely to see new wrinkles to Fan Fest for a couple of reasons. Use to be Fan Fest was about rubbing shoulders with fans, posing for photos, signing autographs, talking with fans.

    Now players can charge for their autographs. Then theirs Covid Delta Variant to take into consideration.

    So questions arise about Fan Fest 2021 how will it look this year? Some fans use to take Fan Fest for granted that has changed for me. Remember last year we could only watch on the internet Fan Fest. This year I believe Lady Zag Fans with proof of vaccination will be able to attend Fan Fest. We will be watching a scrimmage and perhaps some contests again.

    Perhaps the next question is when do we expect a announcement on Fan Fest. I think at some point the Gonzaga President will once more make a wise decision that only those with proof of vaccination can attend Fan Fest and basketball games inside the Kennel. It is already a requirement for students being on campus. Once this is out of the way. The Kennel will be ready to open its doors for Fan Fest.

    More perspective Fan Fest was announced on 6/28/18 and 6/27/19 for those years with the dates in October mentioned above. Last year season was delayed Fan Fest was announced 10/22/20 for 11/12/20. So based on that the latest we should here about FanFest announcement would be 3rd week in September.
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    Hoopfest 2021 canceled due to COVID-19 concerns
    Aug 25, 2021 Updated 30 min ago

    Hoopfest has been canceled for a second straight year due to COVID-19 concerns, Executive Director Matt Santangelo announced Wednesday.

    Santangelo says the decision was "excruciatingly difficult" and comes after numerous conversations with Governor Inslee's office, the State Department of Health, SRHD, City of Spokane, and MultiCare Health System. Hoopfest says that "the circumstances have significantly worsened in just the past 48 hours."

    “As the Inland Northwest (INW) community continues to see an increase in the number of COVID-19 Delta variant cases and the region’s hospitals experience record-breaking COVID-19 hospitalizations," Alex Jackson, President and COO of MultiCare Rockwood Clinic said, "MultiCare agrees with our partners at the Spokane Regional Health District and Hoopfest that it is in the best interest of our community, potential visitors and all MultiCare staff to cancel the Hoopfest basketball tournament for 2021.”

    "Bringing together thousands of people poses a risk and would be detrimental to our efforts in caring for our community," he added.

    Spokane Interim Health Officer Dr. Francisco Velázquez commended Hoopfest for making the difficult decision to keep safety as their top priority.

    “Matt (Santangelo) and his team have worked diligently for months to make Hoopfest as safe as possible," Dr. Velázquez said, "and it is unfortunate that the exponential spread of the virus and its Delta variant has caused the event to be cancelled.”

    Santangelo adds that they wanted "nothing more than to bounce back stronger than ever in 2021," and that they worked over the past 16 months to grow the spirit of Hoopfest.

    "To our athletes, volunteers, sponsors, and partners, we cannot thank you enough for your enthusiasm, creativity, and continued support," Santangelo said, "You are the reason this event exists and the reason why it is such an honor to be on the Hoopfest team."

    The announcement from Hoopfest says registered teams have a choice between donating their registration fees or requesting a partial 20% refund. Hoopfest says the reason for the partial refund is that many of the expenses needed to have the event in September were already incurred. An email will be sent to team captains to determine if they would like to donate or receive the refund, and refunds will be processed by September 30th.

    All registered teams will received their Hoopfest 2021 official player shirts, regardless of whether they choose to opt for the refund or donate their registration costs. Team captains will also receive a Hoopfest basketball.

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    Well its a good time to be a sports fan. College football starts next weekend in earnest,, NFL football the next week, Lady Zags can start practicing 7 September. For die hard sports fans like me thats awesome.

    For Lady Zag fans you should start seeing photos from Lady Zag practices. You might even get closer to figuring out new players jersey numbers.

    On 29 August 2019 the Lady Zags announced their non-conference schedule, will the non-conference schedule this year be forthcoming?
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    #2 Payton Muma, #30 Calli Stokes, #33 Maud Huijbens.

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    Ester Little Mum passed away in 2015 from cancer. Myself had a sister who passed away many years ago from the same thing.

    Point being give Ester Little lots of love in the Kennel this year Zag fans she is also coming from across the pond Britain.

    Maud Huijbens is from the Netherlands, Bree Salenbien-Michigan, Payton Muma-Colorado, Calli Stokes-California.

    I'm already a die hard Lady Zags fan for years, and now have a couple of other things in common with a three of our Freshman. Both my Grandparents came from the Netherlands. As a kid I grew up in Michigan. So I am a true blue Dutchman like Maud, and a grew up a Michigander like Bree. Lost a loved one in the prime of her life like Ester.

    Yes I have lots of Love for our Freshman class if you couldn't tell yet.

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    Mark Few’s son among six GU walk-ons.

    The Zags had five walk-ons last season, one of the biggest and best groups at a program with a rich history of accomplishments by walk-ons on the court and coaching post-career.

    All five returned, and they’re joined by a familiar name, Joe Few, son of head coach Mark Few. Joe, a Gonzaga Prep product, wore No. 53 at the team’s picture day.

    The walk-ons are led by guard Matthew Lang, who scored three points in 12 minutes last season, and guard Will Graves, son of former Gonzaga women’s coach Kelly Graves. Graves had two points and four rebounds in 20 minutes.

    Colby Brooks, Abe Eagle and Evan Inglesby didn’t appear in any games last season.

    This was reported by Spokesman Review.
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    Gonzaga’s staff is limited to four hours per week of court time with players. The first official practice is in late September. GU Men will have 30 practices before facing Dixie State in the season opener on Nov. 9.

    This was reported by Spokesman Review.
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    Ok fake numbers are over here is the numbers to our 5 new players.

    #0 Esther Little, #3 Payton Muma, #5 Maud Huijbens, #10 Calli Stokes, #35 Bree Salenbien. On the roster they are all designated as Guards, except for Maud who is a Forward. Also Maud on the roster is assigned a height of 6'3". Maud was listed at Syracuse as 6'5" and in High School as 6'4". Looks like a Zag website error to me young people don't shrink, like us old people (LOL).

    Do the numbers assigned mean anything anymore? Well if its like the NFL this year maybe not perhaps all numbers up for grab regardless of position. Players might just be going after their favorite numbers perhaps.

    Well its good see this years rosters are now posted on the Zags men and women web site. Its kind of funny when you look at positions of players no one called a Center. Your either labeled a Guard, Guard/Forward, or Forward.

    Mens team BB photo is on top of their roster, women BB team photo must be on deck for pictures since it is not posted yet.

    Oh by the way BYU is moving to the Big 12 conference. BYU will join the Big 12 conference in the 2023-2024 school year.
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    Lady Zags Non-conference Schedule 2021-22

    Nov. 6 Central Washington (Exhibition) Spokane
    Nov. 11 Montana State Spokane
    Nov. 14 at Montana Missoula, Mont.
    Nov. 18 Idaho State Spokane
    Nov. 21 Stanford Spokane
    Nov. 26 ! Utah Honolulu, Hawaii
    Nov. 27 ! Eastern Illinois Honolulu, Hawaii
    Nov. 28 ! Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii
    Dec. 3 Wyoming Spokane
    Dec. 8 Washington State Spokane
    Dec. 12 Stephen F. Austin Spokane
    Dec. 19 at UC Davis Davis, Calif.
    Dec. 21 Eastern Washington Cheney, Wash.

    Pretty cool for our Lady Zags free trip to Hawaii, not bad at all.

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    Ryan said a forthcoming fall semester highlight is Kraziness in The Kennel, which will be held on Saturday, Oct. 9 of Fall Family Weekend in the McCarthey Athletic Center.

    Kraziness In The Kennel, a scrimmage event held by GU Athletics, is an opportunity for Zags and their families to dress up in their game-day gear while receiving a first-look at the GU men’s basketball team, in addition to experiencing the thrilling energy of The Kennel that is to come this basketball season.

    Ryan said FanFest, an athletics event similar to Kraziness In The Kennel for the women's basketball team, will be held the following weekend for the GU women’s basketball team.

    So that makes Fan Fest for women basketball on 16 October Saturday in the Kennel.

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    Going to the Seahawks’ home opener Sunday? Here’s how to follow their COVID-19 requirements
    Sep. 17, 2021 at 12:32 pm Updated Sep. 17, 2021 at 5:51 pm

    Adam Jude By Adam Jude
    Seattle Times staff reporter
    RENTON — Pete Carroll is fired up. He’s always fired up, of course, but he’s especially fired up to welcome fans back into Lumen Field for the Seahawks’ 2021 home opener Sunday.

    Football, obviously, is more fun with fans in the stands, and the Seahawks will extend their streak of home sellouts to 148 games Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.

    So, yes, Carroll is excited to again feel the thunderous noise and the pent-up energy from the 12s who weren’t allowed into home games in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

    But he sounds most excited about how fans will be welcomed back — under strict orders from the team to be vaccinated, or provide proof of a negative COVID test, and with a mask on.

    “I’m so proud of the leadership and the people who have made the decisions to put us with the standards that we’ve set,” Carroll said of the vaccine and mask mandate. “I think we’ve done all the right things, and it’s because we care and we’re looking after one another.”

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    Thank you for your support of Gonzaga Athletics as we continue to navigate the pandemic and ongoing impact of COVID-19. With students back on campus and an impressive start to our Fall competitive seasons, the anticipation is already building for the beginning of basketball season. As such, we wanted to personally communicate to you an update to our attendance policies.

    We are excited for our student-athletes to have the ability to compete in front of spectators again, and are going to do everything in our power to provide them that experience throughout the season. As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to increase in our region, it is important that we proactively employ public health measures to keep our student-athletes, staff, and fans safe

    In accordance with federal, state, and local guidelines, proof of vaccination against COVID-19 will be required for entry to all Gonzaga University ticketed athletic events. If unable to show proof of vaccination, fans may provide documentation of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of the event. Face coverings will also be required at our venues, unless actively eating or drinking. These policies will be announced publicly tomorrow, but as a loyal season ticket holder we wanted to provide you with this information first:

    - Fans ages 12 and older are required to provide proof of vaccination, including a CDC-issued Vaccination Record Card (or photo of the card) to enter into Gonzaga Athletic home events.
    - Fans ages 12 and older who cannot provide proof of vaccination may present proof of negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours instead of proof of vaccination.
    - Fans ages 11 and under do not need to provide proof of negative COVID-19 test.
    - Fans over the age of 5, regardless of vaccination status, must wear face mask coverings over their nose and mouth while inside the venue. Masks may be adjusted while actively eating or
    - Gonzaga University students, faculty and staff can show their valid University ID as proof of compliance with the University’s COVID-19 campus vaccination policy.

    This policy will be evaluated as federal, state, and local guidance is revised.

    We understand that you may have questions about this policy and how it impacts your ability to attend games or utilize your tickets this season. Please contact us by calling the Gonzaga Ticket Office at 509-313-6000 or email to set up a time to discuss what options are available to you.

    Thank you again for your continued support of our student-athletes.

    Chris Standiford
    Director of Athletics

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    Men's Basketball 9/22/2021 1:00:00 PM

    Gonzaga to host Numerica Kraziness in the Kennel and Numerica FanFest

    Zag men and women host annual events on Oct. 9 and 16
    SPOKANE, Wash. – Gonzaga basketball will host Numerica Kraziness in the Kennel at 1pm on Oct. 9, and Numerica FanFest at 4pm on Oct. 16, with doors opening one hour prior to both events.

    Numerica Kraziness in the Kennel will be the first look at the 2021-22 men's basketball team, while Numerica FanFest will be the annual early glance at the women's basketball team.

    While both events remain free to attend, Numerica Kraziness in the Kennel will be a ticketed event with attendees needing to claim a ticket for entry. A limited number of tickets will be made available to the general public on October 4th. Details on how to claim tickets to Numerica Kraziness in Kennel will be posted on at a later date.

    Earlier this week Gonzaga announced an updated Fan Attendance Policy which will be in effect for both events, with fans 12 and older are required to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test prior to entry.

    "We are looking forward to hosting these annual public events for our basketball programs," said Director of Athletics Chris Standiford. "We are excited to have our students and fans back in The Kennel to celebrate the start of the season."

    Numerica Kraziness in the Kennel will be streamed live online at 1pm and televised locally on SWX at 4pm.

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    Just to let you know the Zags athletic department are focusing on Kraziness in the Kennel right now. But sounds like more details on Women's Fan Fest will be coming out timetable unknown.

    Am sure fans want to know will Lady Zag players be signing autographs this year?

    When will Lady Zags Posters be available? Where will be able to get Lady Zag Posters from (Book store, and FanFest)?

    Will their be any kind of meet and greet with Lady Zag players this year?

    What activities will take at Fan Fest this year? Will their be a chance to have inter-action with players etc?
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    Was just informed that Men and Lady Zag posters will be available inside the Kennel for Kraziness in the Kennel (Mens) and FanFest (Ladies) respectively. If you can't make it posters will be available at the Gonzaga bookstore after FanFest.

    Fan Fest you will have to show your vaccination card.

    Gonzaga ticket office did not expect their to be any autograph signings or meet and greet.
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    Gonzaga Law students raise concerns over COVID-19 protocols
    Gonzaga Bulletin:

    Students attending GU Law School feel that they are being forced to decide between attending classes while sick or risk deferring the entire year of law school.

    Students at Gonzaga Law School have come forward with concerns over the lack of implemented COVID-19 protocols within the school and the potential threat to students’ health.

    On Sept. 20, KHQ News released an article detailing students’ concerns, including the lack of virtual attendance options for those who test positive for COVID-19 and need to quarantine.

    According to sources in the article, students are being forced to decide whether to attend in-person classes while knowingly sick, or risk being unable to complete their required courses.

    A petition on has also sprung up, amassing 466 signatures, demanding GU Law School provide virtual attendance options for students who test positive for COVID-19 and those awaiting test results, as well as explicit measures to ensure proper mask wearing occurs indoors and contact tracing be conducted for those exposed.

    “Above all else, the students need clear, consistent communication from the university [regarding] COVID-19 policies, practices and updates,” the petition reads.

    According to the GU Law School Student Handbook, students are required to attend at least 80% of classes per course, meaning they can miss no more than three weeks of instruction. This rule is enforced either by instructors regularly taking attendance or restricting students from taking their final exam if compliance with the requirement is not met.

    Students are being denied virtual attendance options, thus forcing their hand to attend class in person while infected to maintain their attendance requirements as set forth by the ABA and not be reported when they try to sit for the bar exam,” the petition said. “Students who have been in direct contact, such as sitting next to someone with a positive case, have not been contact-traced or notified by the school.”

    In the KHQ article, first-year law student Jackie Stone said that not all professors offer Zoom as an option, and those who do are not counting Zoom as class attendance.

    The Gonzaga Bulletin arranged a meeting with Dean of GU Law Jacob Rooksby, which was later canceled when Chantell Cosner, marketing and brand manager for GU Law School, sent Rooksby’s written responses to The Gonzaga Bulletin's questions that were sent ahead of time.

    Rooksby said in the statement that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) K-12 close contact exception applies to the law school and its protocols.

    “Per these guidelines, the university does not do classroom-wide notification, nor does being seated near someone during class while masked constitute a 'close contact' that would warrant quarantine,” Rooksby said in the email.

    When asked if he knew about students attending classes in person while positive with COVID-19, Dean Rooksby did not confirm nor deny in his response.

    “Students who have tested positive for COVID or are awaiting test results while either experiencing symptoms of the disease or having been in close contact with someone who has it should not attend class,” Rooksby said.

    The petition also highlights the record number of COVID-19 cases in Spokane hospitals and surrounding counties and says that the American Bar Association allows schools residing in areas with high COVID-19 rates to apply for “extensions to variances of teaching methods,” which would allow GU Law to maintain accreditation while also accommodating virtual attendance options.

    GU Law School students were unwilling to speak with the Bulletin for this story because they said they were in fear of retaliation.
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    The posts in this thread are no longer related to the Thread title. Perhaps, the new posts deserve their own thread or a catchall thread.

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    The Lady Zags Roster photo is now on their web site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZAGS ATTACK BASKET View Post
    The Lady Zags Roster photo is now on their web site.
    Anybody else note that Kylee Griffen is listed on the roster but is not included in the team photo?



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    Note in roster photo Kaylynne Truong #14 has a band below her right knee. Is it a tattoo or something for knee support?

    Is it just me or does #5 Maud Huijbens look 6'5" tall to anyone else? Maud is standing next to #1 Anamarie Virjoghe in roster photo.

    Also would say #35 Bree Salenbein standing next to Esther Little in roster photo looks about a inch taller right? That would make Bree 6'3".
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    Most intriguing player of Lady Zags last year? To me it was #12 Eliza Hollingsworth. In the limited minutes she got last year especially toward the end of the season, she really impressed. Eliza looked like a true center who could rebound with authority and hold her own underneath. She if a very efficient 3 point shooter, and very accurate underneath. She is a inside and outside threat. If she can keep that tenacity with more minutes we are going to have a big weapon underneath the basket on offense and defense.

    As far as new players we don't have a clue until we see what they do in real games. I'm excited about our large pool of new players but they will have to earn minutes just like JT did during her Freshman year.

    Some new players from high school etc are over inflated as pointed out by one long time Lady Zags fan. Louise Forsyth was the example she used in great detail and the reason why the stats were inflated. We had another last year that laid a egg but since she is still on the team will not drop that name. We had a guard last year that looked good at the beginning of the year, then also laid a egg and was most known by the end of the year as person to pickup multiple fouls and fast, along with not being able to protect the ball. Alas she has moved on seeing the writing on the wall.

    So CLF will evaluate, and of course we will judge by what we see on the court for real games, and then the WCC season. As Lady Zag fans quite sure we will hope for more studs than duds. We all hope to see consistent good performances by a variety of players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZAGS ATTACK BASKET View Post
    Note in roster photo Kaylynne Truong #14 has a band below her right knee. Is it a tattoo or something for knee support?

    Is it just me or does #5 Maud Huijbens look 6'5" tall to anyone else? Maud is standing next to #1 Anamarie Virjoghe in roster photo.

    Also would say #35 Bree Salenbein standing next to Esther Little in roster photo looks about a inch taller right? That would make Bree 6'3".
    The Truongs, CW and Payton are all sitting so really no chance to compare heights for these players.

    Assuming no slouching, and the risers behind the ladies are an 1", Maud and Eliza are essentially equal in height about 1 riser width (1") shorter than Ana, with Maud possibly slightly (maybe an 1/2") taller than Eliza. Bree appears to be about 2-1/2" shorter than Ana with Esther about 1-1/2" shorter than Bree. Esther appears to be 1-1-1/2" taller than the group of Callie, Melody, AO, McKayla and Yvonne who are all within an the thickness of one riser or say an 1" of each other.

    As to their actual heights, pick who you think is closest to their actual height and add or subtract from their. Roster heights are notoriously very generous.

    I think the two biggest errors on the roster listed heights are McKayla (at 6'1") who is a solid inch shorter than Yvonne (6'1") and Callie (at 5'11") who is every bit as tall as Yvonne and AO (6'0") and is taller than Melody (6'1").


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    Women's Basketball 10/15/2021 11:13:00 AM

    Annual Numerica FanFest Set for Saturday

    The event is open and free to the public
    SPOKANE, Wash. – Gonzaga women's basketball hosts the annual Numerica FanFest in the Kennel on Saturday, Oct. 16.

    Numerica Fan Fest will be the public's first look at the 2021-22 women's basketball team that returns two starters and seven letter winners from last season's squad that finished 23-4 overall with a conference-record 16-1 mark in the WCC. The Zags closed the 2020-21 season with their 17th WCC regular-season title, ninth WCC Championships title and 12th NCAA Tournament appearance.

    The doors open for the event at 3 p.m. and it begins at 4 p.m. with the 2021-22 intro video followed by player introductions, manager introductions and coaching staff introductions. Head women's basketball coach Lisa Fortier will close introductions with an address to the crowd.

    Following introductions, the event will feature a skills contest, three-point shooting contest and a four-quarter controlled scrimmage with each quarter lasting four minutes.

    An updated Fan Attendance Policy is in effect for this event, with fans 12 and older required to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test prior to entry.

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    CLF when interviewed about impressions of new players in practice prior to FanFest said the following on different players.

    Bree Salenbien was the first name she mentioned saying she really has been impressive on offense, she mentioned she may play most of her time on the wing. So sounds like we will see lots of Bree this year.

    Calli Stokes was mentioned next by CLF who said she is way stronger than the other freshman. CLF said because of her strength she can do things that the other Freshman can't like using her body to get rebounds others could not. CLF said Calli toughness reminds her of JT when she was a Freshman.

    Payton Muma is redshirting this year CLF said.

    Ester Little CLF said was the most advanced defender of the Freshman. CLF said she needs to work on her offense, because she is use to being a distributor overseas. CLF also said she's a good rebounder.

    Maud Huijbens CLF did not say much about her. So I guess we will have to judge her on our own.

    Then CLF talked about other players on the WBB Zags team.

    Eliza Hollinsworth got disked in my opinion by CLF who often did this to JT after games often not giving her due, so that might be a good sign to continue to spur Eliza on. CLF basically said Eliza did not play last year except for FanFest OUCH. CLF did say Eliza can shoot 3 pointers, and said she will be in the 3 point contest.

    The interviewer brought up starters from last year had caught the comments on a couple of players.

    Kaylynn and Kayleigh Truong heard CLF mentioned one of them had really been working on 2 point shooting, because they were better shooting 3 pointers last year. Looking at last year stats that was not true. However both of them did have poor 2 point FG percentages. So in reality this could apply to both Troungs.

    Yvonne Ejim lots of compliments by CLF just don't remember them.

    Cierra Walker CLF said basically said she was a gym rat who sticks around when everyone else is gone.

    Missed comments on some players, no disrespect intended.
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