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Thread: Big 12 talking joining PAC 12

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    Cool Big 12 talking joining PAC 12

    Hard to believe....but might make some sort of scheduling agreement....

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    I read a report that the eight leftover BIG XII schools may all be stranded as a group during this next round of conference realignment. None of them brings enough viewer interest to enhance the media deals for the BIG TEN, SEC, or even the PAC 12. The media companies will pay a conference more money for TV rights if the league adds a high profile program, such as Texas or Oklahoma. Most programs will take more money as a share of the conference deal than they would add to the larger rights agreement. Even Oklahoma State would take more of a media rights payout from those leagues than they would bring in. For that reason, there is a strong probability that the BIG XII will continue to exist as a much weaker league. The members may have nowhere else to go.

    I wish I could find that link.
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