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The club is happy to announce the signing of the Shooting Guard Stephen Gray, 32, 1.96 m for the upcoming season.

After CJ Harris's announcement about leaving the contract for the upcoming season, they acted quickly at the club to find a proper and quality replacement and signed Grey.

Grey is a graduate of the strong Gonzaga College, which he finished with an average of 15 pts 3.7 rb and 4.4 s.

He arrives in Holon after half a season in the Bosnian Igoca, to which he passed during the season from the Greek Prishtari who played in its ranks for nearly three years

Up to the move to Bosnia, he averaged 12.4 pts, 2.8 rb and 2 s per game.
In the Champions League this season Grey scored in a Frishtree uniform 21.3 pts (second in the factory) handed over 4.5 s and picked 2 re-balls on average for the game and weight with his games in Igoca he recorded 12.9 pts, 1.8 rb and 2.5 S.
The player also holds the record points for the FIFA Champions League game, scoring 47. points last December, while being accurate at 10 from 13 chaff shots to the bow and putting a 39 index.

In the last month of October we were selected as the Champions League player of the month.

In 2015 he finished as the king of the baskets of the French League with 16.8 pts to play in the Dijon uniform.

In Igoca he played ten games and scored 8.9 pts, picked 2 rb and gave 1.8 s on average for a league game.

It should be mentioned that already last summer Grey's name came up as a candidate to join the team.

The team coach, Mauricio Buscalia, addressed Grey's signing:

′′ Stephen is a player with a lot of experience in good leagues and European factories. This is an actor who improves his personal abilities every year. He is a responsible player with many abilities capable of playing for and with others.
His enthusiasm to accept the challenge and come to Holon makes us happy to have such a player with us ".