while I agree with the theme of this thread,
I wish the WCC would regularly get 3 teams into the Dance, and have another ranked team. It would be great for us if the whole WCC level kept rising.
I wish we were still playing a ranked team early in February like we used to do.

We had one game this year where there were lead changes or score differences of less than 4 in the last 4 minutes. Using this definition our only close game was UCLA, and I wish we had more of them.
When I realize we outplayed the bears from the 10 minute mark to the end of the game, it makes me think that having more close games would prepare us for the elite 8 and better. We are fabulous in spite of not having close games and strong competition in the Jan and Feb, not because of it.
I think we beat Baylor 4 or 5 out of 10 right now, and 5 or 6 of ten if we had more close games against strong teams in Febr.
There is no practical solution to this, just saying I believe the above statement is true. In my head the best argument against "Zags aren't on top cuz the WCC doesn't give them enough close games or top competition at the end of the season" is to admit there is a kernal of truth in the statement. That allows me to move to the overall perspective that we are an elite team in spite of not being in a Power 6 conference.