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Thread: Love this team, Head up high

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    They were on, we were not. This was the outcome.

    It should not diminish the special season these kids created. Mad props to them all. Great season. Many thanks

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    - thread title says it all.
    - what's not to love about this team...nothing. and they have every reason to be proud of what they accomplished this season.

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    Loved every minute.

    Think about this....Gonzaga was ranked #1 all year....we were favored in championship game....we lost....the next day Zags favored to win it all next year.

    So Baylor gets their 1 day )

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    Default Always proud of our team!

    Quote Originally Posted by jsnider View Post
    I love this team. I am proud of this team. I am proud to be a Zag fan. So much fun to watch them this year.
    I believe this sentiment mirrors my feelings about this team. It is a team that is now and will ever be a part of college basketball history going undefeated into the championship game. That alone is an amazing accomplishment! I have enjoyed immensely watching this team during the season, and many others have become Zag fans because of how well the Zags performed during the year. I thought Baylor played a fantastic game and deserve to be called champions, but I don’t believe they were the better team. They were just better that particular day. Thank you to the team for making me proud to be a Gonzaga alumnus! I love our school and I love this team!

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    The tournament is a give and take. Too much is made about too few games, with all the fun that the tournament brings it can be cruel.

    Look at the NBA, can people imagine single game eliminations chose a champion every year? Great teams would be getting beat left and right. Sometimes teams just have a bad day. The 1996 Bulls, well regarded as one of the greatest teams in basketball history lost to the Knicks that year in a game by 32 points. All of the Bulls big stars played in that game and yet they were completely dominated. Imagine if that game had happened in the playoffs and the NBA used the NCAA tournament format. What would that say about the team? In 4 of Jordan's 6 NBA championships he lost the first game in at least 1 playoff series. Every one of those 4 teams would have been eliminated if the same rules applied.

    I guess the point I'm trying to make is that people need to keep things in perspective. One game doesn't define a team.

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