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Thread: GU vs Baylor - Predictions/Thoughts/What you do hope to see

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    I don't think they have an answer for Timmie and Kispert.

    Mitchell vs Suggs is going to be an all-time guard matchup. Though, part of me thinks they will have Mitchell guard Nembhard rather than Suggs.

    That being said, we will know pretty early how this game is going to go. If it's Timmie early and often getting what he wants, I think we win.
    If they are nailing from 3, it'll be close. If not, I think we win by a comfortable margin.

    Suggs has become a national star, this is his chance to really grow into a legend (and perhaps solidify becoming the #1 pick)

    Gonzaga 81- Baylor 73

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    Zags, 81—68.

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