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Thread: Seattle University MBB Coach on Admin Leave

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    Default Seattle University MBB Coach on Admin Leave


    Seattle University has placed basketball coach Jim Hayford on administrative leave.

    Seattle athletic director Shaney Fink confirmed the move in a statement Saturday.

    Hayford has a 64-55 overall record in four seasons at Seattle. Prior to that, he was the head coach at Eastern Washington.

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    Lots more info in this piece:

    Goodman also reported issues between Hayford and the Seattle Redhawks players separate from the allegations.

    "Most of the players don’t like him, so this was almost the final straw," a source told Goodman. "He’s very emotional, flammable. It can be a hostile environment."

    Hayford reportedly apologized to his team Friday, but the "majority" of the Redhawks are "refusing" to play for him, per Goodman.

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