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Thread: Liddell speaks out re: Social Media Abuse

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    Default Liddell speaks out re: Social Media Abuse

    AP Story Link:

    Liddell was rattled by a social-media rant directed at him after the Buckeyes were upset by Oral Roberts in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Friday. Ohio State took the threats seriously enough to alert police, and Liddell decided to make them public via a Twitter post that has been liked over 223,000 times, retweeted more than 17,000 times and attracted national media attention.

    “I just wanted to use my voice a little bit,” Liddell said Wednesday in a video call with reporters. “I’ve been quiet about it, and I just keep pushing because I have pretty tough skin when it comes to criticism. But that wasn’t constructive criticism — it was just brutal, hardcore. Just didn’t sit right with me.”

    The rant at Liddell ended with: “I hope you die”

    “I still don’t understand why anybody would come at me like that,” the sophomore forward said. “I definitely haven’t hurt anybody in my life like that for those words to be said about me.”

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    Why anyone....even a teenager..... would allow themselves to be abused on social media by anonymous sociopaths/bullies is beyond me.....

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