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Thread: 2021 WCC Women's Tourney Projections

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    Unbelievable makes you want to cry for CLF had the past history, having like 6 players sick. Yvonne you are awesome! Zags have unbelievable heart. Get well Lady Zags we love you.

    I was yelling so loud when Jill made that winning shot, I think the dog is hiding under the bed. WOW WOW WOW

    So happy for Jill, Jenn, Leeanne, Louise, Gillian what a way to finish the WCC action for our Seniors.

    Today CLF you are my coach of the year, God Bless don't know how you did it?
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    LADY ZAGS WCC Tournament Champions 2021
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    Yvonne, Eliza, Abby, Kaylynne all played important minutes today, and contributed on offense. Its pays to have depth. And what a defensive performance by Lady Zags today to allow a comeback.

    Just treasure the win Lady Zags and Lady Zag fans today was special. I'm calling it a miracle in Vegas, can't still wrap my head around it how we won. Simply awestruck and amazed.

    Lady Zags proved it takes a team to win congratulations every Lady Zag Player, and coach we are so proud of what you accomplished today in the face of adversity.
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    Just got done listening to the post game news conference with Jill and CLF.

    Jill said had food poisoning hit late last night, along with several other players on the team. Jill mentioned team medical stayed with the sick players all night giving them fluids, she said she went through 2 bags of IV fluids. Said Cierra was in the same boat as her and both were determined to give whatever they could to support the team. CLF stated 3 starters were replaced. CLF said the staff had confidence in Yvonne, because she really had retained scouting report information given on all BYU players on defense assignments. CLF mentioned that Yvonne had 13 points and 9 rebounds in 21 minutes.

    CLF mentioned Grit, Toughness, Resilence, reporter also mentioned about CLF bending over taking a knee at half court clearly overcome with emotion, did mention she is very religious, perhaps thinking of her brother at that special moment in time also. CLF just said she did not remember the moment, but was just so happy for the team. CLF said she tried to keep a even keel as much as possible during the game, and just support her team and players.

    Jill was smiling from ear to ear answering questions. Yes I think Resilience was a good description of the Lady Zags last night and today.
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    Selection Monday 15 March at 4:00 PM on ESPN.

    Lady Zags hoping for a 4 seed.

    Lady Zags first round WBB NCAA games kicks off on 21 and 22 March 2021. Good 11 days to get healthy and ready Lady Zags.

    Keep your guard up against Covid ladies.
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    Townsend and Ejim were selected to the All-WCC Tournament team after leading the Zags to the championship.

    Townsend, a senior from Okanogan, Washington, scored the winning basket while Ejim had a game-high 13 points and nine rebounds,

    Townsend also had 14 points and 10 boards in the Zags’ semifinal win over Santa Clara.

    The five-player team also included Shaylee Gonzales of BYU, Merle Wiehl of Santa Clara and Khari Clark of Loyola Marymount.

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