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There is one big diference between Coach Few and Coach Calipari, Coach Few can actually coach the game. Calipari is an excellent recruiter, but as far as the x and o's part of the game not so much. It looks like the ratings experts have let Coach Calipari down this year, and his lack of x and O's part of his game is really showing.
I don't know about that TOGO. I think Calipari pretty much has owned Few in the head to head. Cal's problem is that he has so much turnover year-to-year and the pressure (whether it be expected or perceived) to start these highly ranked freshman has got to be a tricky juggling act. Imagine if Few had a starting lineup of Suggs, Harris, Strawther, Ballo (4 freshman and all highly ranked except maybe Ballo) and then about 15-20 minutes/game to Kispert, Ayayi, and Timme. We would improve mightily over the season, but we would be no better than .500 right now.