Hey guys,

I was perusing the Gaels' message board today in anticipation of the game tomorrow night and happen to catch some of their comments regarding the Zags in general. It was particularly interesting that they mentioned that the Zags have achieved program "escape velocity" and have basically transcended the rest of the conference. Now it might just be because the season is in such disarray due to covid, but it certainly seems like we've reached a point where there aren't even any conference games that are too exciting as we are expecting to blow everyone out of the water. The upcoming Gaels game is so ho-hum as to not really register. Does anyone else think this is true? Here are the comments I saw in particular:

I do find it interesting how the GU board has changed so dramatically in the last couple of years. Almost no mention of the Gaels or WCC in the lead up to the game this week. They have a thread about the game, but literally no mention of the BYU/SMC game tonight, which used to matter to them. I get it. They’ve moved past it. But it’s interesting and a little sad. Obviously there will be no camping out by their fans ahead of the Spokane SMC/GU game this year due to COVID, but part of me feels like there would be no camp out even without COVID. Like I said, they’ve moved past it.
Yeah, I've been saying to people that Gonzaga has achieved escape velocity. They're not coming back down for a long time. Their recruiting is on another level, their ability to play is on another level, everything.

This year notwithstanding, I think we've made a lot of great progress as a program over the last few years. We've recovered from the sanctions, and our recruiting seems to be improving year by year. Same with BYU - made a good coaching change, and are getting good players (the Haarms transfer was a pretty big get). But 'progress' doesn't put either of us in the Zags' conversation.