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    Quote Originally Posted by SkipZag View Post
    I thought I saw where the BYU and Pacific game was postponed... any info on why?
    One game lost this week... hopefully not two.
    The game was canceled (to use the PC phrase) "due to an overabundance of caution" on the Pacific side. No problems with BYU, yet.


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    As Skip says, it was another "W" in a difficult place to play and another game we got to play., so two W's in my book.

    As far as the game goes, lots of good things to take away from yesterday's game:
    - When your top player has a poor game (or is taken away), great to have numerous players step up to the frontline.
    - A very physical game inside and GU did not have MK. YE is growing by leaps and bounds and more than covered the loss of Melody yesterday.
    - Great to see EH get some minutes on the court and her first 2 points. She has a long way to go to get into game shape, but she is coming around.
    - Very consistent offense throughout the game with scoring ranging from 17 to 21 points per quarter. No real big highs or big lows.
    - Great game by K-11. 17 points on 7-11 shooting and 3-5 from long range plus 4 rebounds and 5 assists. Her best game as a starting point guard.
    - LF if you consistently shot like you did yesterday, you would have more time on the court.

    A few things that the Lady Zags still need to work on:
    - For the second game in a row, Gonzaga came out flat in the 3rd quarter where the Zags had their worst offensive quarter and the GU defense gave up 18 points. Come on CLF, need to work on that halftime speech.
    - 15 turnovers which lead to 20 (!!!) points for USF. Where's the Zag "D" on the turnovers. Lady Zags have to place more value on the ball then they have the last couple of games.
    - USF earned 8 steals yesterday. Value the ball, zags.

    Officiating was very inconsistent yesterday (like it was on Thursday). Players on both sides were on the floor way to much. Players throwing each other down in the key and no calls, but the refs then call a foul on a shot when nobody was within 2 feet of the shooter. I liked the play where a USF player was leaning heavily on a Wirth and when the Wirth simply moved the USF player fell on her behind all on her own. Yep, the refs called a foul on the Zags. Players giving shoulders to the dribbler or reaching entirely across the dribblers body impeding their path and no call. But a simple hand check 30 feet from the basket is called. I don't think the officiating favored any one team, but please just be consistent, so the ladies know what they can and can not do. In reality, the Zags only shot 5 free throws and USF only shot 13, so the officiating did not really factor much into the outcome of this game.

    I realize it is difficult for the refs when players are flopping all over the place. Both Wirths (LW particularly) are well known floppers on the Zag side and when the officials catch you flopping, many times actual fouls are not called on your benefit. USF players yesterday were flopping like a bunch of landed fish in the bottom of a boat. Watch the Zag highlights on LF's first 3 and watch the USF player flop and push herself backward with her heels. Happened all day yesterday. Hard to be a ref.

    The Lady Zag "big 3" really did not have that bad of games. JW had an off game only shooting 25% (2-8), 3 rebounds and 3 turnovers but she also had 4 assists. LW was down a little in rebounds but was up slightly on points. JT was down a little on points but way up in rebounds. K-11 was way up in points and assists. CW had a typical day as far as points go and was up in rebounds. The starting 5 shot 51.3% overall (58.1% without JW) and 50% from 3 to go with 23 rebounds and 15 assists. Nope, JW had a rough game, the other starters more than covered for her and the subs, made the score look good yesterday. Only JT and CW played normal minutes, K-11, JW and LW all played about 5 minutes less than normal so you would expect their numbers would be down a little.

    Big game against BYU next Saturday. Going to see how our newfangled Zag guard line-up will hold up against one of the fastest, deepest and most proficient guard line-ups in the WCC. I watched some of highlights from BYUs last game and they were actually using 6'7" Sara Hamson in a pick and roll situation and she looked very good doing it. That's new.

    Rest up Zags. A win against the Cougars Would give Gonzaga a 2.5 game lead in the conference standings after the run through the first half of the season.

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