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Thread: Other Games: Friday 01.08.21

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    Default Other Games: Friday 01.08.21

    - very light b.b. schedule today.
    - started this on going thread only because i had a comment on tonight's purdue v. msu game.

    - i won't argue the big 10 isn't the best conference this year, but if they get 10 teams in the tourney (which i'm sure they will) the committee is scraping the bottom of the barrel.
    - purdue scores last 5 points on 3 possessions in the last 20 seconds to win 55-54.
    - i'll spare you other details and just say it was ugly basketball, hurt my eyes at times (made me switch away to adam-12 a few times).

    - it would be unfair to say zags would beat either of these teams by 20 or more, as we can do that to any team. my take away is if the big 10 gets 10 into the tourney, only 4 will survive the first weekend.

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    That game was ugly. Was cheering for Sparty, but they couldn't pull it off. Kudos to Purdue, I suppose.

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