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    Hudson: Bulldogs winners 85-62. GU 10-0, !-0 WCC: One lead change 14-13 USF, GU led rest of the way. Kispert three at the end of the half gave them their biggest lead of the half. They scored the first 7 of the second half, giving them a 14-0 run at which point they were up by 17. I think Hudson said the biggest lead grew to 28. 26 for Kispert, Third straight double double for Ayayi 18 and 10, Timme double double 10 and 11. Bouyea led USF with 18 but 16 came in the first half. Zags shoot 52% for the game, holding USF to 39%. Rebounds GU 40-25. The Dons played really well in the first half shooting in the 50's. GU led for the final 33 minutes plus. Nembhard 14 points, 4 assists, three rebounds. Watson 8 points, 4 rebounds, three assists. Zags finish with 15 assists on 30 made field goals.

    Roger Powell: Hudson said USF came in and played hard in the first half. Powell thought that Kispert three at the end of the half was huge. GU held USF to 25% shooting in the second half. Powell said USF was averaging 13 3's game. Shabazz is a guy that can really hurt you and we did a good job on him. I don't know how many double doubles in a row Ayayi has had but he had another one. Timme had to fight tonight. They wer coming up under him but he's a fighter. He took two charges tonight. To have 4 guys in doubles and defend like we did tonight is really impressive. Nemhard is really confident and comfortable when the ball is in his hands. He had two of our 5 threes tonight. This league is no slouch this year. We will have to really compete to win them. I know our fans are watching on TV even if they're not here. Hudson said to Powell I don't know if GU has ever had a guy have 3 double doubles in one week referring to Joel vs. Northern AZ, Dixie St and USF.

    Hudson: Nembhard on Hudson's show Monday at noon. Kispert 26 on 9-11 shooting, only three the one at end of the half. Ayayi, Nembhard and Timme also in double. Suggs had a little trouble getting into the flow of things after missing a couple games. The Zags went 5 minutes without scoring in the 1st half and still finished with 85. Suggs did foul out but he had 3 rebounds, a couple assists and a steal. When USF makes 10 or more threes they are 6-2 on the season, they only made 8 tonight which was a point of emphasis for the coaching staff for the game. The staff was really worried if Jurkatamm stepped out and made a couple that could be trouble as it would open things up for the rest of the team, but the Zags held him to two tries, neither of which went.

    USF winless in Spokane since 1989. I have been waiting for Hudson to say something about Aaron Cook but he hasn't so I have to guess he has some sort of minor injury as I did see him on the bench but he didn't see the floor. USF really hung around in the first half, but the end of the second half, and the beginning of he first half was really the difference in the game.

    Few: We saw in the 1st half what they were capable of doing. By and large we did a nice job, particularly holding them to 25% in the second half. We did a great job on Shabazz, he's a kid that can really score. Bouyea really hurt us in the 1st half but we did a much better job on him in the second half.

    Hudson: When the game was close both teams scored 12 points in the paint but by the end of the game GU outscored them in the paint 44-24. That's if for tonight!

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    Always appreciated 116
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    Cook has leg injury.
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    Thank you 116. I always enjoy your post-game summary.

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