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    IF all four teams do their part in protecting against Covid we will have 3 Games next week. So a breakdown on all 3 teams in the order we play them.
    Leading off is LMU lets look at their starters and key players thus far. Looks like LMU has 4 new starters. GAME DAY 28 Dec. 2020, Monday.

    * #2 Ellington (5'10") 12.5 points a game.

    * #34 Clark (6'2") Center/Forward averaging 11 points, 8 rebounds a game.

    * #32 Johnson (5'9") 9 points a game is Transfer from University Florida.

    * #24 Rodriguez (5'9") 8.4 points a game, attempts mostly 3 pointers.

    * #42 Mandel (6'4") Center/Forward averaging 8 points, 8 rebounds a game.

    #30 Klimek (5'9") 8.2 points a game, attempts mostly 3 pointers.

    #0 Gordon (5'10") 5 points a game. Transfer from Georgetown.

    #3 Gipson (5'7") 4.7 points a game.

    * Denotes starters
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZAGS ATTACK BASKET View Post
    we will have 3 Games next week.
    They must really long weeks where you live.


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    Next up is Pepperdine who return 3 starters. Special note now both Rufus twins are starters. Ok lets look at their starters and additional players. GAME DAY 30 Dec. 2020, Wednesday.

    * #1 Bambrick (5'10") 14.3 points a game, has made 9 of her 3 pointers.

    * #11 Andriuolo (6'1") 11.3 points, 7 rebounds a game is 11-11 on free throws.

    * #4 Givens (5'7") 10.5 points a game.

    * #3 Rufus (5'10") 6.3 rebounds a game.

    * #14 Rufus (5'10") 5.5 points, 7 rebounds a game.

    #10 Nwaba (5'10") 5.8 points, 6.3 rebounds a game.

    #24 Duran (6'4")

    #22 Carson (6'0")

    #45 Dusharam (6'5") 5 points a game average. Note #45 has not played in the last 2 games.

    Looks like both the Rufus twins really hit the boards for rebounds.

    * Denotes Starters
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    GAME DAY 2 January 2021, Saturday

    And lastly a team that always brings me trepidation every time we play them St. Mary's. Why you ask well sit back and relive a couple of upsets fresh in my mind.

    The first one happen at a home game I was in attendance on 10 Feb. 2017 and no one thought to much about St. Mary's coming into that game, and they blew us out in the first half and it seemed most Zag fans in attendance were as shocked as I was. The game was never close they blew us out of the water from the get go, and kept on laying waste to us, our team never recovered from the first half, Final score 72-56.

    Then last year 8 Feb. 2019 on the road we played St. Mary's a struggling team. But Bam Pow we got lit up again and staggered away losing 70-60, the loss came out of no where and quite sure shocked most Zag fans again. Two of the returning starters played big parts in that victory #4 Wedin was 9-14 FG and 6-9 on 3 pointers, total 24 points. #5 Holland I remember earlier that year at a home game we frustrated Holland and if memory serves me correctly she took out her frustration on one Zag player and literally ran right over her it was a hard hit, then she was taken out of the game by her coach to cool off. Well #5 Holland got her revenge later in the year at her home court going 6-9 FG and scoring 13 points in the game in 2019 they beat us.

    Ok thats my reasoning for always bringing it out of the gate fast against St. Mary's and that you can never extend your lead enough. Ok lets look at St. Mary's key players this year.

    * #4 Wedin (5'11") 13.4 points a game and already has made 16 of her 3 pointers.

    * #5 Holland (5'11") 12.2 points per game and 6 for 13 on 3 pointers.

    * #32 Tonga (6'1") 12 points and 7.8 rebounds a game, already has earned Freshman of the week WCC honors twice.

    * #11 Kirisome (5'9") 10.7 points a game and 10 for 30 on 3 pointers.

    * #24 Simonich (5'10") 5 points and 10 rebounds a game.

    #10 Dalton (5'9") 9.8 points a game, and 9 for 25 on 3 pointers.

    #30 West (6'4") 9.7 points and 5.7 rebounds a game.

    * Denotes Starters

    This is one team that really raises its own game when they play the Zags. That game on 10 Feb. 2017 they had 47 rebounds against us.
    Then their is another factor just like they did before against us, they can get really hot and light you up from the 3 point line. Just looking at their main players this year noticed that they have 4 of them that are very capable 3 point shooters.

    Last years lost to St. Mary's they were up 18-4 after the 1st quarter. Then St. Mary's outscored us 23-14 in the 3rd quarter of the same game. They final score St. Mary's 70-60 made the game look closer than it was.
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    I see that the start of the WCC is on a Monday followed by a Wednesday, Saturday and then the following Monday. That’s four games in eight days. Probably good that we have a large team with floor time.
    Hope everyone stays healthy and safe.

    Go Zags!!

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    Its never over until the final buzzer sounds. Case in point MBB yesterday, after the first half Zags were up 43-17. Well I watched the 2nd half of that game and Northwestern State was moving around like little speed demons, while the Zags were moving like lethargic old men in their warm up sweats. Northwestern State was popping 3s from everywhere and its was not just one guy. Although one guy hit a 3 from a long ways out on top he was feeling it hit 80 3s last year. But they had other small thin guys just out hustling our guys. A funny picture they did have one big overweight guy playing center that was good for 5 times at max up and down the court before he had to sub out. But this big overweight guy dominated Timme when he was in their, and scoring points.

    Morale of the story MBB Zags dominated the first game 2 days ago, and the first half of this game, and they thought the game was over. Well with 7:07 left in the 4th quarter the Zags lead was down to 75-64. Few was freaking out he ripped his mask off and put it in his back pocket he was calling timeouts and pleading with his guys to wake up out of their slumber. One timeout seemed to work the Zags had one player that finally glued himself to their best 3 point shooter, and the defense picked up.

    Final score was 95-78. Northwestern outscored Zags in 2nd half 61-52. But you had to see how blistering and dominating Northwestern State was coming out in the 2nd half. The broadcasters were flabbergasted. The Northwestern State players were on cloud nine after the game. The Northwestern State players did not want this to end and were very jubilant after the game. Where the Zags players were very stoic.

    Hope the Lady Zags and CLF caught this 2nd half of MBB Zags game good learning tool. Especially since many games Lady Zags seem to come out of the gate slow. Another issue is when we do start out good CLF has been know to let the foot off the gas, and let the other team back in the game. This can come back to haunt you just like the St. Mary's games in 2017 and 2019.

    That brings up another good point just because you blow out a WCC opponent the first game you play them, don't under estimate them for the 2nd game IE St. Mary's last year.

    Another note Few still setting a poor example for his players not wearing his mask during the game a majority of the time, asst. coaches, staff, and players sitting in chairs on the sidelines following his lead.
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    CG3Dad you have been kind of quite lately. Since we play LMU Monday thought I would ask about the thoughts on your team going into our first WCC game.

    I saw your daughter is playing now so you must be happy about that. Just playing each game is accomplishment in itself, and all the players I'm sure are thankful each time they can get back on the court.

    With the Vaccine shots now the big news thought I would take a trip back in time flashback in the Military. I remember in Military bootcamp where we would stand in lines on various days in boot camp for shots. They used Air Guns and we would get a shot in each arm at the same time. Yep their was no picking a arm, but have to say it was quick and efficient back in the day. We were young and no one seemed the worse for the wear, although have to say the Penicillin shot had its only special target.
    We got tons of shots though in bootcamp that I remember. Another flashback every one that had wisdom teeth yet got them pulled in boot camp. Yes I had wisdom teeth pulled. I remember the drill instructors having us racing part way up a steep hill and then down just for fun, I wiped out going down the hill and had a stiff hip for a week. Lost 10 pounds in boot camp also, but on the final PFT ran a 18:30 on the 3 mile run in Combat boots. Yep back in the day we did everything in combats boots including running. Anyways with all they put us threw we were none worse for the ware. Whats the point of this flashback well its to say young people are resilient they will bounce back from these crazy times.
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    Yes! Chelsey is slowly but surely ramping up her minutes each game as she returns after suffering a season ending injury every year. We were devastated last year after the concussion. The main thing we hope for her is that she stay healthy and safe. In fact this is what we all want for our young ladies. I feel that this season is one game at a time. Every game played is a blessing.

    Having said that, We're excited for what this year's team might be able to accomplish, especially with Aquira DeCosta starting to play for us, sometime in January I believe. She is a real impact player for us, and combined with Chelsey and roomie Jas Jones, they're a combined triple threat.

    Also we have spectacular Sophomore Cece Ellington returning, some transfers and frosh players plus some pretty good height under the basket.

    This is all good.

    Unfortunately, our team lacks experience playing together and it takes time to figure out chemistry, rotations etc.

    For what it's worth, I DO think we're going to do better than our pre season mid to low Conference ranking suggests. In fact we might do a LOT better.

    As far as us vs. the Zags, I hope we can be competitive this first game against a Zag team that typically plays well together, as well as figuring out a way to pull out wins. You Zags have grit! And LMU or any Zag opponent has got to bring their best game to the court.

    It is interesting that once again this season the Zags and LMU play our first and last conference games together. I think those games are going to look a lot different by the time the season ends. LMU might be a huge "sleeper" team this year.

    As far as tactics, as LMU we number one need to take care of the ball! We can't afford these excessive turnovers. I would drive the paint and try to get some of the Zags into foul trouble. I would resist the temptation to over help on D, which just kills us against a team that shooting the three well. I would also push the Zags outside as much as possible and keep both the Wirth twins off the elbows, which seems to be their favorite spot on the floor. I would also position our own set of "twin towers" underneath and get some stops/blocks. Finally I would try to isolate Zag players and also force them to switch into favorable mismatches for us as much as possible.

    When the Zags play cohesively as a team, it's extremely difficult to beat them. But if they are isolated and attempt to go "one on one", it's a less positive position. Unless it's Jill Townsend, one of my favorite players in the WCC, she can go one on one and "take" anybody.

    That's a LOT of stuff that we have to do, in my humble opinion, if we're going to at least keep it close...not that anyone listens to my "armchair" analysis!? Lol

    But it's fun.

    What say you Zag fans? Of my assessment. On track? Or way off base? And why?

    Keith #CG3Dad

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    Good to here from you Kieth as we start another year in the WCC. Glad to hear your daughter is working her way back.

    Saw that #10 Decosta (6'0") transfer from Baylor, will be a sophomore this year. Noticed Decosta was a five star recruit coming out of High School in California. Hope your daughter's roommate #20 Jones is able to make it back to the court also.

    Totally agree that LMU might be a totally different team by the time we play them the last game of the year in the WCC.

    I'm like you just grateful every game our Lady Zags can get back on the court. Looking forward to starting WCC play and having fun tonight 6:00 PM.
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    CG3Dad looks like someone at LMU having fun with pregame lineups, for visitors it has names and numbers of Laker all time greats. And the visitors team name is called the Lakers. Thought you would get a kick out of it Keith since I know your a huge Lakers Fan. Oh shucks they already changed it, well it gave me a good chuckle anyway.

    CLF mentioned in pregame about LMU has injured players out like #20 Jones and #1 Adams. So looks like LMU will have 4 new starters for this game. Next year the Zags will have 4 new starters right out of the gate, as of right now we have 4 Seniors in our starting lineup. Yep should be interesting next year to see who our starters are and who gets big minutes off the bench.

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    Well this is a shocker Zags playing no defense, letting LMU drive to the hoop when ever they want to. LMU out hustled Zags in 1st half. Zags played sloppy and tentative. LMU up 33-25. This looks bad, CLF needs to fire up her troops, our offense was nonexistent, Wirth twins did not followup up their misses just ran back up court. So play defense don't let Johnson drive to the basket, rebound, and score some baskets please. Game was 26-22 video went down, looked like they took JT out with 1:27 left and the bottom dropped out and we were behind by 8 again. Lets buck up Lady Zags.

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    Zags down by 4 going into 4th quarter. Zags stupid foul with 2 seconds left in quarter LMU hit them both. Wakeup Lady Zags this is it.

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    CLF took JT out what the heck. Let LMU back in the game. Had a 3 point lead and took JT out just because she made 3rd foul who cares? Bonehead move by CLF might have cost us the game she's playing backups, now were down by 3. If we loose this is all on CLF.
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    Zags up by 4 with 20 seconds left we might escape! Bad move we fouled they made both. Another stupid foul at the worst time. This is going to the wire heart in over drive! JT always rushs 1st free throw, and missed it, almost missed one earlier.

    We won by 3 points JT you need take your time on first free throw this is twice this happen in crunch time. Please JT your killing me with the rushing of first free throw.

    CG3Dad hats off to LMU you looked like the 23rd rated team tonight. Your right your going to surprise some teams this year, you shocked us. Please CLF don't put in Ejim and O'Connor or any other backups in when the game is on the line.

    CLF Jenn Wirth and JT got hot and you take them out. Ride your horses down the stretch CLF.

    CLF clearly under estimated LMU. With all these new players transfers, freshman playing for other WCC teams this year you really don't know the other team, don't underestimate anyone.

    Now I have to retrieve my dog who hiding in the cage, and try to slow down my pounding heart. Can we please hammer Pepperdine I can't take many more of these games. Wow we might have a rough time next year, who's going to make free throws, looks like CLF might need to get a huge impact from a Freshman for the first time since Jill Barta. Might need to get another great transfer before next year also.

    Ok Zag Fans relax breath and come back Wednesday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZAGS ATTACK BASKET View Post
    CG3Dad hats off to LMU you looked like the 23rd rated team tonight. Your right your going to surprise some teams this year, you shocked us.
    Thank you ZAB.

    Completely happy with our team's performance tonight. The bench was fantastic. Free throws dropping. And turnovers WAY down.

    This is gonna be a fun season for us, especially with our true freshmen and transfers playing like this.

    Congrats on the win. Looking forward to playing the Pilots!

    Keith Gipson

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    Keith your daughter looked great tonight with the stats to back her up, and Johnson we were not ready for her in the first half. Glad I'm not a betting man because you would have taken me to the bank tonight. Good luck with the Pilots your team, and daughter definitely got some great Mojo going tonight, hope it continues for you.

    Ok Zags fans I know you were watching or listening to the game tonight was I the only one having heart palpitations (LOL)?

    Looking for some positive comments to go along with constructive criticism Zags Fans about tonights game.

    Its safe to come out now after all we squeeeeezed by with a victory. That always makes it easier to discuss.

    Does anyone care to talk about our 3 point shooting?

    Ok a couple of observations adding up our games so far. Jenn Wirth has got better with her left hand layup than right hand. But kudos to Jenn for coming up with this new weapon this year. On the other hand have seen JT miss some easy layups from the left side, to include tonight where she tied up herself, then went with a gimpy ankle after it before she shook it off. JT would recommend you practice left hand layups till its automatic like Jenn. We don't need you tripping over yourself from the left side on a fast break, because your not automatic in using your left hand. (repetition left hand layups).

    Our bench was nonexistent tonight they only gave us 2 points.
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    Pepperdine who we play Wed. lost to Portland tonight by 10 points. Pepperdine has a balanced scoring attack, and got good production from 2 subs tonight. Going to look at their stats tonight which kind of measures up to their stats for the year if you look back at their scouting report above. Tonight stats and key players below:

    * #11 Andriulo was 5-8 FG, 9 rebounds, 13 points

    * #1 Bambrick was 5-16 FG, 12 points.

    * #4 Givens 5-11 FG, 12 points.

    * #3 Rufus 7 points, 6 rebounds.

    * #14 Rufus 4 rebounds

    #10 Nwaba 4-5 FG, 6 rebounds, 26 minutes off the bench. Getting more minutes than some starters and very productive inside.

    #0 Rivera 3-5 FG, 18 minutes off the bench.

    Couple of keys to the game for me: 1. Staying on top of #1 Bambrick on the 3 point line need a keep a defender on her at all times. 2. Do not send #11 Andriulo to the free throw line and get her in foul trouble. Wirth twins have 2 inches on her work it to the basket.

    Pepperdine had a quick start in the 1st quarter scoring 25 points. As opposed to the Lady Zags which seem to score a few points, then go to sleep. Lady Zags need to be the team to get to the quick start, and then be unrelenting.
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    #10 Jane Nwaba for Pepperdine is no joke. Watched her come up playing with Chelsey at Palisades High. Her older brother David Nwaba plays for the Houston Rockets.

    Great basketball family. Also familiar with the Rufus twins. They're highly skilled and have great chemistry together.

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    Well... maybe to many Christmas Cookies. Tough game to watch.

    Hats off to LMU...

    Yet if you look at the Wirth’s stats, both shot above 500 while the rest of the team struggled.
    So... I see CLF looked for the positives and there we some... like out scoring LMU the second half and pulling out a win even not playing their best. That being said, time is running out for having bad games.

    Time to put this game behind... put on the red uniforms and play your game.... defense.

    1-0 in conference.

    Go Zags!!

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    Well, unlike the Men's side, this years edition of the Women's team is quite the opposite. Instead of mostly sharing the scoring LCF's team seems to be confining the scoring to just three players. When 3 players are providing 80% of the scoring as they did vs LMU, something is very wrong. Granted, Zag guards (CW & the Truongs) need to step up, make more threes and reduce the TO's, but a certain lack of cohesiveness is evident on the whole team. Don't know if others have seen it, don't know how to fix it. But ya gotta recognize something's not right before you can make it right. Trust that Lisa & Craig will, hopefully soon.

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    upan8th your just looking at a one game capsule. The men has 6 main players that average 20.6, 20.6, 15.1, 10.4, 9.4 ,6.8 respectively. The MBB Zags are a high scoring team. MBB are also blowing out everyone they faced so far.

    The Lady Zags previous game a blowout we had every player on the active roster play 14 and 13 of those players had double digit minutes, oh yeah we had 37 points from the bench.

    Few on the other hand has always been known to keep his bench short. Heck he has two overseas giants on his bench that rarely see the court. On the other hand in close games you go to your go to players MBB does the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by upan8th View Post
    but a certain lack of cohesiveness is evident on the whole team. Don't know if others have seen it, don't know how to fix it. But ya gotta recognize something's not right before you can make it right.
    Upan8th is absolutely correct in that this year's Lady Zag Wbb has played like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get from game to game. Not only is consistency missing from game to game but from quarter to quarter and from defense to offense. Very disappointing from a senior stocked team.

    First, give LMU all the credit in the world for working hard and scrambling around on defense. Poor play does not happen in a vacuum, and LMU certainly put GU in positions they did not want to be in.

    Offensively, the Lady Zags scored 65 points (and needed most of them) despite shooting only 35.7% overall and 25% from long range. If Gonzaga shoots a typical percentage, the Lady Zags score 14 more points and we have a 17 point game. Yes, I realize that when the Zags could not shoot the 3, LMU packed up the key, making movement within the key difficult. However, we had wide open lay-ups, short jumpers along with long jumpers that Gonzaga just flat missed. Last night the Lady Zags had a large number of missed lay-ups (by every position and everybody including the Wirths and JT) both contested and uncontested. The Lady Zags did not go up through contact so not only did they miss the lay-up but they did not get fouls called. You cannot continue to miss lay-ups without getting fouled, even in the WCC, and continue to win. Make the shot or get fouled, don't just slam the ball off the backboard.

    The other concern was the bench only scored "2" points. Yes that is right, the bench was 1-14 overall, including 0-4 from three and was 0-2 on free throws. The vaunted shooting of AOC, the skill of freshman LS and the best shooter on the team (MK) came up with a total of one (1) basket. Not good, is the best thing I can say.

    Did you note the Lady Zags had 19 (yes that is 19) more shots (70 vs 51) than LMU last night. Why was LMU anywhere near Gonzaga?

    Note to the starters - Last night in the 1st quarter you had seven (yes that reads 7) turnovers in the 1st quarter. Maybe consider passing the ball to the open side of the player and not forcing the ball inside to the double and triple-teamed big in the key. No wonder you had to play from behind. You cleaned it up significantly in the last 3 quarters, but you have to play smarter.

    Defense was extremely inconsistent last night, specifically the Wirths and JT. How many uncontested lay-ups did LMU have in the first half. Defender gets beat off the drive and frequently there was little to no help defense by the bigs inside, letting the dribbler go uncontested for a lay-up (which LMU frequently made) or a foul (which LMU made 90% of their foul shots). Middle School basketball 101, stop the person with the ball. Way too many times, the GU starters just did not bother stopping the person with the ball. At times, they played great defense, others, the Lady Zags just dropped the ball.

    Inconsistency is the bug-a-boo of this year's team. The ladies know what to do, they have the ability and they have shown it against some of the best teams in the country. It seems that against lesser competition, they just don't stay focused for a full 40 minutes.

    Given how our first game (at least the first half) after Christmas went last year, this was much better.

    Hopefully the Lady Zags can remove a few hills and drops from tomorrow's rollercoaster.

    Hope CLF and her staff get the Lady Zags a little more focused.


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    Sometimes it takes a while to get a team to come together... last year they had the European Trip to bring the team together. This year they maybe having a hard time getting them together for a meal. Jill said it took her a while to get to know Jen and Lee... now they are sisters. As large a team as this year’s is and with everything happening the way it is, getting the team to be cohesive has it’s challenges.

    As for their play on the floor... start with Defense, and take control of the game. This year the team needs to produce it’s own energy... and that starts with the team leaders bringing the players together.

    And last... have fun. Enjoy your family...

    5:00 GAME TIME!!

    Go Zags!!

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    Soak up that sunshine Lady Zags 62 degrees and sunny in Malibu today. Get ready for some snow fun when you come home, 6-9 inches of snow today. Along side my driveway snow hills on both sides, and still snowing all day but its beautiful outside great day for winter fun. Good day here for sledding, building snowman, of course friendly snow ball fights (body shots only), etc.

    God has blessed us with 4 seasons here, their is tremendous beauty in all four. I enjoy my Senior Citizen snow shoveling its good exercise in the winter.

    Zag Nation is 100 per cent behind you Lady Zags, we will be watching tonight rooting you on from on far.

    Nice photo of Lady Zags in Malibu from the Go Zags web site below: Click on picture to enlarge
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