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Thread: Player Status: Eliza Hollingsworth & Kylee Griffen??

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    Default Player Status: Eliza Hollingsworth & Kylee Griffen??

    Now that we are essentially 4 weeks and 5 games into the 2020 OOC season, we have seen everybody play at least some minutes except Eliza Hollingsworth & Kylee Griffen.

    I have watched every game and believe that I have seen EH in street clothes with a wrap (during some games) on her left wrist. I cannot say that I have seen KG at any of the games.

    Does anybody have any information on the current status of EH and KG?

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    ZagDad84, this is the great 64 thousand dollar question with regard to the Lady Zags.

    I hope we get some news soon and that it is good news for both these young ladies.

    My wife and I got a chance to see Kylee Griffen play when she a freshman and a sophomore at Lake Stevens when we lived in Mill Creek before we moved down here to Issaquah. She was an amazing young player back then. We were looking forward to seeing her play for the Zags when she announced her commitment to Gonzaga. We are still optimistic to having that opportunity.

    Let's hope we get to see both Eliza and Kylee sometime this season...

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