Sitting here watching the Tar Heels and Rebels game and noticed that UNLV has shot the 3pt a total of 60% of their shots, vs Tar Heels 33%. Live by the three die by the three. This makes me think how important the 2pt play is, realizing that you must have the front court to be able to do this and this is usually where the smaller programs are lacking. i think Gonzaga has been very good at this by using their bigs first with the 3pt as an outlet or release valve. I believe we have probably been the lowest or one of the lowest 3pt usage programs for a long time. The secondary benefit of this is more FT. I can't remember how many times Petrusev shot more FTs than the all of the opponets combined. The only big time winning team I can think of that bucked this trend has been Villinova.