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Thread: Thanksgiving, A Time of Gratitude

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    Default Grateful to be a Zag

    Because Thanksgiving falls in the month of November, I've been making the month of November my Gratitude month. For the whole month I keep some amount of my focus on gratitude. Gratitude is a wonderful feeling, and if you're not experiencing it that way, you can always start. Gratitude is a pathway to an amazing life.

    November is almost over. In fact we are now in the last day of November; and this morning I thought I'd say a little bit about how grateful I am to be a Zag, and hopefully, this thread will inspire you to share some of the same. I am grateful that in 1966 I made a decision to attend Gonzaga University, and thus become a part of an amazing community of Zags. Whenever my path crosses the path of another Zag we always stop and share a few stories, and my heart is ALWAYS filled with joy as we return to going our own ways. And I am constantly running into other Zags.

    I am grateful that Gonzaga basketball has become such an amazing phenomena, and is recognized as one of the top basketball programs in the United States. This fact has increased my ability to connect with so many more Zags in a way that would not have been possible if this team had not become a true p henomenon. There is now so much pride in being a Zag, and so much respect. I often am wearing something with Gonzaga written on it or just the symbol of the bulldog on it like is on my cap that I frequently wear, and so often people recognize it and may something, even if it's just "go Zags." And then there's a nice friendly smile. It feels really good to me to be identified as A Zag. It brings happiness and joy into my life that is just special because I'm a grad of such a fantastic university.

    For all who have attended Gonzaga, we all know what a special university it is, and what a great family, or community, we are. We all know in a very special way, all the wonderful joy filled experiences we had at the university, and as we graduated and went out into the world, that sense of pride and community we felt at the school on campus, has always remained with us, and we have helped create that feeling with the new people we have met. Grateful to be a grad of Gonzaga University.

    I'm so grateful to be a huge fan of the Zags year after year. Just feeling connected to the teams over the years adds joy to my life. To watch them every winter and Spring, makes some of the cold winter nights a lot more tolerable, and even enjoyable. I can't imagine a life without being a Zag. It would just be too cold. And to be a part of all the teams who have advanced in the NCAA Tournament in March is something I'll always be grateful for. In March I always am grateful that I am a Zag, and I have such a strong feeling that they will make me and all of us proud once again to go out into the world and wear our Zag sweatshirts, or T-shirts as the weather warms up.

    And finally, I'm grateful for this forum of Zag followers. And I will forever be grateful to BZ (Bob Zag) for starting it. I've been a part of this group now for over 15 years I think. And every year it gets better. I've made a lot of friends here, and you all help make my winter months really fun. I have so much fun writing here, and reading all of the posts and links to articles, help keep me entertained. We've become a family within a family and I'm really grateful for all of you. And this should be one of the best years ever, and will hopefully make up for the disappointment to how last year ended. Grateful to be a Zag.

    Go Zags!
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    Go Zags!!! The Best Is Yet To Come!!!

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    I'm grateful for this team. Yes, it's easy to back a winning team, but I am not a bandwagon fan. Ever since seeing them in person back in 1999, I have been a fan.

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