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Thread: Who Do You Think Is Going To Have a Break-Out Season

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    Default Who Do You Think Is Going To Have a Break-Out Season

    Let's Talk Lady Zags and this forthcoming season.

    We fully expect JT, JW and LW will have stellar seasons and they will likely fully deliver.

    However, who are you looking forward to stepping up and having a break-out season this year?


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    Thanks ZD...
    Good to talk basketball...
    To add to the stellar three would be K-11 and K-14
    To add to them, I would think the rest of the team will perform well...
    That being said, the one I think who will break-out will be AV. Watching some practice highlights, I saw AV make a couple of nice moves... if Craig can do with her what he has done with the rest of the bigs... and she gets comfortable, I think her years of playing ball wil show. We need her to be part of the rotation...

    Not long now...

    Go Zags!!

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    I’m curious about Cierra Walker. As a RS Senior she has great experience, we saw her leadership from the bench last year, I think the backcourt goes as CW goes, and I think we’ll be in good shape.

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