As I look at the GU WBB Player Review, it comes to me real quick that the players on the team are great student athletes.

Having two granddaughters playing HS basketball, one realizes real quick that you have to love the game... they have a ball in their hands year around. While my granddaughters are multi sport players, basketball goes year around.

Put that to the college level... my oldest granddaughter is a scholarship tracker and again you have to love it because it’s year around.

GU WBB... smart and talented. Year around they have a basketball in their hand.
Reading the player reviews tells me these student athletes are great kids. That is why to me, we need to give them all a chance to experience as much as possible this year. Let them play infront of their families and classmates. Let us fans watch from home and give them our best and let them know when we can, that we are with them.

Go Zags!!