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Thread: Lady Zag - Starting 5???

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    Default Lady Zag - Starting 5???

    In honor of today's first day of regular practice for our Lady Zags, who do you think will be our starting five?

    We all know that CLF likes to reward players who put in their time with the team with a starting position. This year the Lady Zags have more seniors and experienced starters than we have starting positions available. This year's seniors (assuming AO is not eligible to play this year) include; JW, LW, JT, LF, GB, & CW. Plus, K-11 was a starter last year when KC went down. That is 7 seniors/experienced players for 5 starting positions.

    So who is going to be rewarded with the starting positions as the Lady Zags start the season in late November?

    I think there will be little disagreement about the starting front court of LW, JW & JT. They started last year and barring injury will most likely be the starters this year. The question will be who will be the starters in the backcourt.

    IMO, I think K-11 will continue to start at one guard position maintaining her starting position she acquired when KC went down. I think CW showed tremendous leadership and energy from the bench last year. CLF stated last year that CW kept the Lady Zags on task during practice. From purely a leadership position, I think CW will start at the other guard spot.

    CLF likes having two (2) point guards (or guards that can handle the ball) on the court at the same time. LF has not convinced me that she can adequately handle the ball to CLF's liking to earn a guard spot. I think LF will be more likely to come off the bench and play the wing position than to play the guard position. I don't think K-14 will be rewarded a starting spot this year, but I think she will see lots of playing time. Her 3-point shooting percentage last year was better than both Katie and JT, so I think she will get her minutes but not a starting position.

    Historically freshman, really no matter how well they play, are not rewarded with starting positions under CLF (except due to injury). I am looking forward to seeing how MW plays. She brings some much needed height, a little more mass, and a desire to go to the hoop to the guard position that GU has not had in recent memory. If she lives up to her promise as a top-100 recruit, she could earn quite a few minutes of playing time this year. I think LS is going to see limited minutes this year behind quite a few more experienced guards.

    ZD's starting five are:
    Forward - JW
    Forward - LW
    Wing - JT
    Guard - K-11
    Guard - CW

    What say you Lady Zag Fans??


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    ZagDad, agree with your assessment. As I have been thinking about it for a few months this was my starting line up as well. As we know, CLF spreads minutes around. It’s not just about starters. I’m curious about who will be the unpredicted impact player this year. #gozags

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    ZD... totally agree!

    The thing I noticed last year... was how CLF worked in an offense that had two point guards. And I agree that all the guards will need to be able to run the point. I like it....
    What I see this year with the experience on and off the floor from last year returning, how do you get the Frosh the time they need to be ready for next year... and don’t forget about the redshirts...

    I don’t know if I have seen a GU WBB team with as much talent as this years team...

    Last... on the roster page... I noticed we have a pair of TBA positions. Any thoughts?

    Time to lace up the shoes!!

    Go ZAGS!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkipZag View Post

    Last... on the roster page... I noticed we have a pair of TBA positions. Any thoughts?
    The only TBAs (To Be Announced) I found on the Roster page were for Video Coordinator (A’Jaee Foster - 2 years) and and Director of Basketball Operations (Shannon Donegan - 3 years). I had not heard that either had left the staff. Possibly a result of budget reductions??

    I thought Abby O'Conner had to sit out this year, so she would provide needed senior guidance next year. Any changes to her having to sit out this year?

    The roster shows KG as a redshirt sophomore. She used her redshirt year, but did she apply for a medical redshirt for last year and if it was granted she would be a redshirt freshman and not a redshirt sophomore as shown on the roster page?

    As far as potential redshirts go, you have to look if the redshirt will help both the student and the Lady Zags. I think the only potential for redshirts (in the absence of injury) would be the incoming freshman. Since we are losing our entire starting frontcourt, I think we need MW and YE the court this year to get experience for next year. Most likely to redshirt would likely be LS since we have CW, both Truongs, LF and MW as guards (not to mention KG if she can stay healthy), playing time for LS may be difficult to come by. However, with Abby O'Conner coming off her redshirt and Payton Muma, Esther Little and Calli Stokes coming in as guards/wings next year, playing time might not be any easier to come by.


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    I agree with ZD on the starting 5. From the outside looking in, that looks like the best 5. That being said, it has been said that CLF rewards players that have been in the system. So it would not surprise me if LF stated over CW.

    As for MW I too think she has the potential to help this team. But don’t forget about KG, I believe both of these players are very similar in the way they play, size, and abilities if KG is fully healthy. So I believe that KG will get first shot at those minutes over MW.

    Before you give any minute to freshman you will have 11 players trying to get minutes. At the guard you have the Troung’s 2, Townie 3, LF 4, CW 5, KG 6. And posts. Wirth’s 8, MK 9, AV 10, and EH 11. That doesn’t even count GB in her senior year as well. So I think someone will have to redshirt.

    I would hate to be a coach trying to find minutes for all these players. And with the players we will have next year looking for minutes as well. I can’t imagine what will happen if any of the seniors decide to stay an extra year after what the NCAA decided today.

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