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Thread: OT - Tampa (2025) and Phoenix (2026) named host cities for NCAA Women's Final Four

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    Default OT - Tampa (2025) and Phoenix (2026) named host cities for NCAA Women's Final Four

    Not really too much interest based on the title, but see below, Spokane does get to host a regional in the new format:

    From ESPN:

    Tampa (2025) and Phoenix (2026) named NCAA Women's Final Four basketball host cities
    Graham Hays

    The NCAA Women's Final Four is coming to Phoenix in 2026, marking the event's first appearance in that city and first appearance this century west of the Rocky Mountains.

    The NCAA announced the host sites for the 2025 and 2026 Final Fours on Wednesday, with Tampa selected to host for the fourth time in 2025.

    The event in Phoenix will mark just the sixth time that the Final Four will be held west of the Rockies and the first since San Jose, California, in 1999. The women's tournament concluded in Denver in 2012, the farthest west the semifinals and final have thus far ventured this century.

    The NCAA also announced the sites for the first four years of a new regional format that will feature eight teams at each of two sites. The new format will replace the current format in which four teams play at each of four sites.

    Greenville, South Carolina, and Seattle will host the first two such regionals in 2023. That will be followed by Albany, New York, and Portland, Oregon, in 2024, Birmingham, Alabama, and Spokane, Washington, in 2025 and Fort Worth, Texas, and Sacramento in 2026.
    Is it really any wonder why West Coast Wbb gets no respect when the NCAA goes 27 years between selecting host cities of the final four West of the Rockies; 1999 in San Jose to 2026 in Phoenix.


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    That's beyond ridiculous.

    Ooh, Seattle in '23. I might have to attend that!

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