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Thread: Rest in Peace, Zag ... ie Joe Robertson

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    Default Rest in Peace, Zag ... ie Joe Robertson

    And thanks for sharing, @ZagKennelClub

    "To be continued ....."
    Father Tony Lehman, SJ

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    As my handle implies, I was one of the founding fathers of the Kennel Club. I think this thread is in honor of Joe Roberts (not Robertson), and I can confirm that Joe Roberts came up the moniker "Kennel Club." Joe will be missed by all who knew him. I was one of the outspoken, and on occasion perhaps even obnoxious, members of this site in the early days. I've been very, very quiet in the past several years. Tonight I'm going to make a prediction. I believe the Zags will win the national championship this year, and I believe the man who came up with the name "Kennel Club" will be instrumental in making it happen. Rest in peace Joe Roberts, and GO ZAGS!!!!!

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