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Thread: Few comments on the season, the tourney and TV....

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    Default Few comments on the season, the tourney and TV....

    in this article by Jim Meehan in the Friday edition of the Spokane Spokesman-Review:


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    Smile Informative!

    Thanks. Gives this fan a lot of hope for a strong OOC mini-season and full WCC season. I found interesting Few's comment relative to the OOC -- "I think it's going to be tougher, quite frankly," that is, tougher than if the season hadn't been/will be disrupted by COVID. "Tough," IMO is good. In fact "tough" is great.

    Yeah, we're "The Champs," uh-huh!

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    I wonder, on some of the games intended to make money for a charity, if the TV money isn't the big factor, and that should remain the same...or even be upped. More people watching should mean more revenue from the adverts.
    I'm sure that the loss of fans in the stands revenue hurts, but again, when fans can't BE there, they will watch.
    It's not funny.

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