"[Mike] Leasure, 44, was named [as Portland's] assistant chief of police last month, a job that followed his former position as commander of the Central Precinct – a district that is the epicenter of the protests."

Mike has his work cut out for him. "Leasure – a 6-foot-7 former Gonzaga basketball player of Black and Korean descent – says he supports the Black Lives Matter movement and is against all forms of injustice. But Leasure, a part of the Bulldogs’ program-changing NCAA Tournament run in 1999, believes much of the discord has gone too far. “This is not about BLM or racial justice,” said Leasure, now in his 20th year with the Portland Police Bureau. “This has devolved into nightly criminal acts.""

Great to see Mike's career is continuing to be on the rise.