I have a "strong suspicion" that Gonzaga clearly sees the writing on the wall right now and is exploring their options to leave the West Coast Conference.

The Power 5 schools are clearly testing the waters right now by playing in-conference football only which means its only a matter of time before they fully pull out of the NCAA. If the P5 exits the NCAA it means Gonzaga will need a place to land because the success of the university and athletic department are tied to Gonzaga basketball's success.

The PAC-12 is an absolute free fall right now and it needs some serious positive momentum. The PAC-12 announced huge budget cuts, layoffs, and another round of salary reductions because not only has its football revenue fallen off but so too has its basketball revenue. Adding Gonzaga in basketball only would help both the PAC-12 from a revenue standpoint and it helps Gonzaga if the Power 5 schools break off in 2022. There is a very real possibility that some West Coast Conference teams may not have the monetary budgets to continue funding their athletic departments too which would further push Gonzaga to the PAC-12 and the PAC-12 to Gonzaga.

Just adding to the discussion as I know this has been bandied about before but I know when I see a tsunami coming and I guarantee you the leaders of the University also see it which is why I strongly suspect that Gonzaga maybe looking at an exit strategy right now. The WCC association maybe coming to an end due to factors beyond Gonzaga's control.