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Thread: Is this the year Gonzaga leaves the West Coast Conference

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotoriousZ View Post
    Hoping for some kind of basketball season this year, but I’m not gonna hold my breath. But let’s assume we get a working vaccine by next year. Things should return to almost normal, and the P5 schools wouldn’t have any Covid-19 related reasons to separate from the pack.
    Almost certainly. CB4 excellent work! Thanks much! A lot of work!

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    Default Is this the year Gonzaga leaves the West Coast Conference

    One thing to remember in all of this is that GU has remained committed to all its sports programs in its decisions.

    If the Men’s BBall moves GU will have to find a home for all its sports programs. I don’t see the WCC changing its mind on its stance that GU keep Men’s BBall in the WCC or none of its teams.

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