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Thread: Favorite things about GU WBB

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    Default Favorite things about GU WBB

    I sure love GU WBB! In light of everything going on in the world I wanted a place for hope and reflection. Please join me:

    I’m going to start with the players and their enthusiasm, encouragement of each other, belief that no matter what they will pull it out, and the fun they seem to have doing it, and the unfailing support of each other in the face of hardship. I love seeing the player development, and the constant of the sense of family, young players developing into leaders and paying it forward, and then others taking on the leadership role. I could stop here and that would be the sentiment that sums it all up. We are so very fortunate.

    I also love being part of the crowd in The Kennel. We are there for our team and for each other. I love the moments when we collectively decide, as a fan base, that we can help put our team over the top by adding our voices and our energy (and we do).

    I love our coaches, they teach, mentor, and provide the home to the young women and parents who’ve decided to trust themselves to the program and Spokane, whether that be a few miles or across the globe. We are so lucky to have our coaches when so many programs across the nation would love to be able to have them as part of their team. Thank you for staying together and in Spokane.

    Thank you to the athletic department that puts the money where the mouth is in supporting this program and team. Had the cards been played in our favor I think we were a Final Four team this year. Hopefully soon, the pieces are in place.

    I love our band! They bring the energy game in/game out. They are the loudest cheerleaders in all the building. I love their musical and heckling prowess. I love to sing along with lyrics I have made up to their repertoire (“will you help me build a snowman” becomes “will you help me hide a body” in my brain-I know, I’m sick). We are nothing without our band.

    I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Zag fam. All the pieces fit so well together. It feels different right now, but let’s keep basketball front and center. I’d love to hear what you think, let’s keep COVID-19 to the other thread going on the board (I do believe it is serious, I do believe in science, and I just need a place to relax-can this thread please be it?). #gozags!!!

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    Swag... with you 100%

    GU WBB is a great program for student athletes, their families, GU and the GU Family. We are very lucky....

    I am really looking forward to watching our senior class finish strong!!

    Go Zags!!

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