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Great season by Sloot but I’m going to pick nits here. If she had 219 assists in 22 games, that leaves her assist total at 9.9545 assists per game. Statistically you round up. I get that. But if the question is, did she average 10 per game, I’d say no, she fell one assist short.
Sort of like a hitter in baseball who’s batting average is .3997. Did that person hit 400 for the season? A statistician would say yes, a player would say no.
Your right. Announcers during the game kept saying she needed one more assist (13 total) to get that magical 10.0 apg

Chicago coach kept CV out the first 4+ minutes of the 4th quarter and the Sky could not hit a shot to give CV the 13th assist in the last 5+ minutes. Sloot hit a couple of baskets and hit some free throws down the stretch to help the Sky win the game, but unfortunately, you can't assist to yourself.

Great season anyway Sloot.