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Thread: Brief update on State of GUBoards (July 17)

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    Default Brief update on State of GUBoards (July 17)

    Immediately below is a post from the "A brief goodbye" thread in response to:

    Originally Posted by wiszag
    It never dawned on me that someone would send disrespectful messages to another board member, I guess I'm pretty naive.
    Yes. This happens. To Mods AND to regular boardmembers. With far too much frequency.

    Lest there be ANY doubt, the Mods and Admins now consider every boardmember "warned". In recent days, a number of boardmembers have been placed in 14 day quarantine (banned for 2 weeks for either talking politics or insulting other boardmembers). The Mods/Admins have zero tolerance. This is an effort to get this Board (which I believe is a GREAT board btw) back to the vision BobZag had .... when he created "BobZag's Living Room" ... where all Zag fans can have reasonable discourse and talk about our beloved Zags.

    I am very hopeful that we CAN get back to being civil with one another and this board gets past this stage. I don't like the alternative.

    Here's hoping there will be actual college hoops to discuss in the "not too distant" future.

    In the meantime, the Mods and Admins of this Board hope that all remains well with our Boardmembers, their families and friends. GoZags aka Ken Devones. GU '77

    “To be continued …”. Fr Tony Lehman, SJ
    Some cherry picked stats

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    Ken- Thanks for the post and for your efforts to restore the quality of the Board to what it was. I am too old and too stupid to understand the whole social media thing and more importantly why people launch personal attacks on people they don't even know via a sports blog, but life is a mystery.

    For what it is worth, you and you alone can redeem this post for a free pair of lower level tickets to the next GU - UP game in Portland - assuming of course that I am still alive when actual games with live spectators return. PM me for my email address to redeem this offer, as I am not likely to be back here for a while.

    Cheers, and of course ...

    Go Bulldogs!
    Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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    GOZAGS same to you and your family All is well here just golfing and walking. Hoping for a basketball season.

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    Mods, please delete this if it is inappropriate. By way of background, I moderate at a huge site for professional videographers. Over 125,000 members. This was a personal message I received after I sent a polite request that member follow our rules for posting an item for sale in our Marketplace:

    You know you really are one sad little man. You actually have the time to sit around on your old, fat ass poo pooing with people's ads?? I just tried to sell a simple camera and you acted like a little kid who got picked on in school and never let it go, then were given some "power" and now you poo poo with people just for fun or because they dont follow some childish rules??

    I s*%t bigger than you you useless f**gg*t.

    By the way, I'll simply rejoin here under a different name and IP address and sell whatever the poo poo I want to. Too bad you get to hide behind your little screen and aren't out in the real world working on REAL THINGS and dealing with real people instead of a bunch of computer related bulls*%t, forgotten, useless blogs, articles, forums and whatever else it is that poo poos like you get your little f**gg*t. rocks off to.

    BYE BYE c*******r.
    I've edited out the worst words, and our website automatically changes some very profane words to "poo poo." I have no idea what the mods/admins deal with here, and I trust it does not even come close to this. Mind you, I simply asked him to put a price an item he was selling.

    The point being is that moderators and administrators have thankless jobs. I don't know the structure here, but most mods/admins are volunteers and they deal with a whole lot of abuse and most members are not aware of this.

    I have a whole lot respect for them, based on what I know the moderators deal with at the site where I moderate.

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    Online brings tough guys out.

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    Member since 08, 5300 posts, I haven’t posted since Caldwell got run off and doubt I will again. Idiots ruin everything.

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    Thanks GoZags for trying to clean things up around here. I don’t post often, but check multiple times a day for Zags info. I really enjoyed the Whelping Box as recruiting is so exciting. I use the past tense because we’ve now lost our 2 most meaningful contributors to inside recruiting info because of behavior on the board. That’s too bad. Hopefully we can revert back to some higher level of civility on the board moving forward. Also a BIG thanks to the mods and those who have been here for so long and contribute frequently. You created a wonderful Zag culture and hopefully we can make the necessary corrections to get back on course. Go Zags!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hooter73 View Post
    Member since 08, 5300 posts, I haven’t posted since Caldwell ran off and doubt I will again. Idiots ruin everything.

    I believe I understand a little from Caldwell perspective, but this forum gives everyone an equal voice. Obviously people like Caldwell because he gives great insider info. He was the main reason I checked for recruiting updates. However, SR GU Boards gives everyone a voice. He decided it wasn't worth it anymore. That is his decision. I don't blame him. But nobody forced him to leave.

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    There is no doubt in my mind this board will seize this opportunity to speak more respectfully to each other while disagreeing (with evidence) and return to its position as one of the best college BB boards in the nation.

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