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Thread: Gonzaga Women’s Basketball Owes Amped-Up Recruiting to Blooming Culture

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    Default Gonzaga Women’s Basketball Owes Amped-Up Recruiting to Blooming Culture

    From the Spokesman Review:

    Gonzaga Women’s Basketball Owes Amped-Up Recruiting to Blooming Culture
    UPDATED: Mon., July 13, 2020
    By Connor Gilbert
    The Spokesman-Review

    When all is said and done, there’s one thing Gonzaga women’s basketball coach Lisa Fortier will admit that she and her staff aren’t good at when it comes to selling the program to recruits.

    “We’re not good at smoke and mirrors,” she said. “You kind of just get what you get. … Our staff is genuine, and I think that actually that’s not by design. It’s just how we are.”

    But when a program has done what the Zags have done in Fortier’s six-year tenure, there’s not much need for fibbing.

    Since taking over after Kelly Graves’ departure for Oregon in 2014, Fortier has led GU to a WCC regular season crown and tournament appearance in every year but one – to go with two top-15 finishes in the AP poll over the last two seasons. A byproduct of that success – and particularly the heightened notoriety of the last two years – has been a pattern of recruiting classes that continue to make strides on a yearly basis.

    “Kelly did things in the tournament that no one did before with this program,” said Elle Tinkle, who played for both Graves and Fortier from 2012-2017. “But Lisa has also done things there that no one else has done.”

    In the past, much of GU’s impact recruiting was fairly local – the Zags’ top five all-time scorers (Heather Bowman, Courtney Vandersloot, Tammy Tibbles, Jessica Malone and Ivy Safranski) all hail from Washington or Oregon. But as of late, it would appear that more recruits with national visibility are taking notice.

    Fortier’s staff has had a particularly productive offseason so far, filling out their 2021 class with four oral commits, all highly-touted prospects in Esther Little, Payton Muma, Calli Stokes and Bree Salenbien.
    Read the rest of the Article Here:


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    ZagDad84, thanks for posting this article...

    Earlier today, I saw this article mentioned on the Lady Zag facebook page as I waited for my out-patient surgery procedure...

    I am looking forward to see how the current players progress year by year in the coming years. Plus, seeing how the recruits for 2020 and 2021 make their mark on the Lady Zags during their time at Gonzaga. Looking forward to see how it unfolds for the Lady Zags in the coming years...

    It is an interesting point regarding Gonzaga and early transferring departures...

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