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Thread: Update on the Lady Zags

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    Default Update on the Lady Zags

    I reached out to our resident Lady Zag Insider about the current status of the Lady Zags and here is a summary of the info he gave me.

    Everybody is in town except AV and Lily S and it may be a while before they get into town. Yvonne and Eliza are in town but are in quarantine. They should be getting released shortly.

    Athletes are currently permitted to practice and workout in groups no larger than 5 people. Coaches are not allowed to attend the workouts until the end of July.

    California State Schools have already been told they will not be permitted to travel out of state this season and this is affecting the Lady Zag schedule.


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    Thanks ZD... great to hear they are in town.

    Next step is phase three with pods of 10 players.

    I wonder if the California travel restrictions are for Cal. and UCLA? If so, we are talking PAC-12.


    Go Zags!!

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    It sounds like PAC-12 cancelled all OOC games. �� seems unlikely there will be any live sports this year (hope to be wrong)

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