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Thread: 2022 - Caleb Houstan

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    Default 2022 - Caleb Houstan

    Saw it already posted in the 2022 thread. Caleb Houstan recently revealed in a Sports Illustrated Blog that he has been offered by Gonzaga among other schools. Currently ranked the 7th best player in the country. Seems like our kind of guy. More to come, I’m sure. Along ways until 2022.

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    Default The pieces on the playing field are moving quickly.

    We join Duke, NC, Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, Tennessee, Texas, and many more in the hunt. However, "Houstan has neither named finalists nor scheduled any official visits. Plus, his 247Sports Crystal Ball remains void of any predictions."
    And to add to the intrigue, "Houstan could soon reclassify into the 2021 class, a decision that is expected to be made by the end of the summer."
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    I would definitely be watching this name. We have started pushing for him pretty hard.

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