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Thread: Elias Harris with Brose Baskets

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    Default Elias Harris with Brose Baskets

    I think Elias has been out of action until recently, but today he's having a nice game for Brose Baskets vs. Montakit Fuenlabrada in the BCL League. At the half, the score is tied at 44-44. Elias with 8 points and 3 rebounds. Box Score.

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    In a report of an interview with Daniel Theis (Celtics) about COVID precautions, Theis explained that he had confidence in how the NBA was proceeding based on "how well the German BBL was able to finish out their season. Theis referenced speaking with his best friend, former Los Angeles Laker and Gonzaga Bulldog Elias Harris. Harris told Theis he was concerned at first, but once he got to “the bubble” he was very positive about the experience. Harris said that he felt safe and that they made it so the players could just focus on basketball."

    Sounds to me that Elias is still Deutschland-ballin.
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