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Thread: Welcome Andrew Nembhard!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPtheBeasta View Post
    It's hard to beat Ryan's contribution last year. He was a joy to watch and was so tough. It's funny how sports can sneak up on you and teach or re-iterate life-lessons. Bad things in the present may not be as bad as thought, or might be a prelude to a greater good. "All things happen for a reason" has become a platitude but is a concept that I take to heart. I was disappointed when Nembhard didn't come the first time but things turned out just the way they were supposed to, it seems to me.
    He obviously got a lot of advice from Kyle Wiltjer.
    'I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay… small acts of kindness and love.'
    - Gandalf the Grey


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    Quote Originally Posted by kitzbuel View Post
    He obviously got a lot of advice from Kyle Wiltjer.
    I didn’t catch the reference but definitely feel like I should. Did he voice similar sentiments about not choosing GU the first time around?

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