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Thread: Wbb Season Tickets for 2020-2021

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    Default Wbb Season Tickets for 2020-2021


    Just received an e-mail from Mike Roth concerning season tickets for next year.

    In part the e-mail says:

    We are currently working with University leadership and the Spokane Regional Health District, while following the guidelines of the State of Washington, to ensure the safety of our student-athletes, staff and fans. We understand that the coronavirus has caused many unknowns, and we donít have answers to many questions at this time, but we are working on plans for the Fall and protocols to ensure a safe environment.

    For the 2020-21 season, there is no increase to season ticket prices. As our staff is currently working from home, our plan is to begin the renewal process in July. Should restrictions exist that result in anything from fewer games to a cancelled season, Gonzaga Athletics will have the following options available regarding your season ticket payment and any required contributions:

    Payments can be turned into a tax deductible donation to the womenís basketball program

    Receive a refund for impacted games

    Keeping you apprised of information related to season tickets and fan attendance for the upcoming season is a priority, and we will continue to provide updates throughout the summer with the next communication coming no later than mid-July.

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    I really hope they/we get some sort of a season. I would hate for these seniors not to finish on a high note, or at least without a chance to leave it all out on the court. They are arguably one of the more impactful classes the program has seen.

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    at this point, I would gladly give up our attendance if it meant the team could play.....I won't like it, but these student athletes deserve better then what has been handed to them..

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