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    I donít fish, but it seems that the Foo should have a place to talk fishing. Share your memories of fishing trips, the big one you caught and the one that got away.
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    Someone said that Caldwell should not share fishing stories in the Nembhard thread, and I have one so I'll share it here.
    This is a true story.

    Years ago, probably '85 or so. I was fishing the Bitterroot, just north of Hamilton. It was August but before water levels dropped too much. My favorite time to fish, wearing a pair of old tennies with most of the parts cut away for quick water drainage, shorts and a cowboy shirt (for the snap pockets). I could carry flies, tippet floatation and my license with just that. Fishing barbless and catch and release.

    Lots of decent sized fish, as I worked my way upstream to where I was parked. I came upon a logjam, near the bank on the west side, with a nice looking pool 12-15 feet across. I was only knee deep and flicked a fly out into that pool, a very short cast.

    What came up scared me enough that I jumped straight back out of the water. The roll seemed to take over a second and that fish looked to be 2" across the back. I know, from fishing with my Dad, that sometimes a rogue will make 30" or more. This one had to be at least that big.
    It didn't take my fly and I could never get it back up.

    That's MY fish story, and really, it's true.

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