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Be a little careful here. Police Officers have been killed conducting routine traffic stops. The officer pulls over a driver for a burned out taillight, not using a blinker, in any case a simply moving violation. The policeman has no idea that the driver has a warrant out for his arrest, has drugs in the car, etc.

I am sure Hoopaholic can give you numerous examples of the above.

A very good friend working motors, stopped car for running stop sign and was shot in chest. Paralyzed for life
Another officer stopped car for speeding and driver opened fire
Both those occurred in the “sleepy” are a of north seattle

I tried to stop car for stop sign violation at 3 am in morning capital hill......wouldn’t stop, pursuit that ended up going down 405 towards Renton..car crashed all suspects bailed chased driver got into a knock down dragged out fight (I ended up with 8 stitches in wrist and 22 stitches on my back as we fought bouncing off a barbed wired fence......come to find out two of the four had killed a guard, raped another and escaped from juvenile center in Oregon.....

Can give hundred examples of “routine” traffic stop that go sideways verify quickly.......