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Thread: California cancels fall university classes.

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    Default California cancels fall university classes.

    Will we even have a season for 20/21.?
    Could sr. take a redshirt and hope 21/22 will be better.?
    What would a gym look like with 6ft spacing and what would be the max # of fans allowed in.?
    Could the team be divided into 2 teams and have separate practice and coaches just in case of virus infection.?
    Will there be any teams to play against?.
    Maybe play without fans?
    Alter several months of denial I'm starting to think this virus think is serious.

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    I think that money will drive what happens. Too much TV money to wipe out the season, particularly in Football and Mbb. Delay, certainly a possibility, play games in front empty stands but televise is a possibility. If kids are on campus, I am sure that we will have fall sports is some fashion. If a significant number of states follow Cali's lead, then sports will be done for the Fall semester, but I don't think that will happen. The NCAA president said that if the kids were not on campus, the NCAA would not have sporting events.

    Locally, while Eastern has stated that they intend to hold most fall 2020 classes online and limit on campus activities, WSU, Whitworth and Gonzaga have all recently stated that, as of now, they intend to hold classes on campus.

    Lots of potential options are available. Just because Cali shut down does not meet any other state is going to shut down, so maybe all OOC games in Cali are canceled but all other games are held (maybe with or without fans). Maybe there is no OOC schedule this year and we have just a conference season. In Basketball, the WCC season starts (last week of December) after the first semester has already been completed and just a couple of weeks before the Spring semester starts and little change would need to be made to the scheduling. On the other hand, the entire season could be moved back to January, and March madness could become May Madness.

    Spokane is moving in the right direction and as long as we keep our heads about us (see Cali/Florida beaches, Colorado Bistro and Maine Bar among others for examples on how not to do it) when the area is finally approved to open. Maybe, just maybe we will be on the far downhill side of this by November.

    Here's to hoping,


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